Rise and shine, campers!

Okay, so it’s not exactly cold out here in sunny Southern California — a bit nippy at night, but that’s what cats are for, right?

Anyway, this is another shortie post, ’cause I’ve got a fasting blood test this morning, and I made it super early so I don’t have to fast one SECOND longer than necessary!

(No worries, it’s just to make sure I’m not growing a third eye or anything before they refill my Arimidex!) Anyway, lemme just leave you with a new discovery (okay, new to me!) – a wonderful youngster named Hampton Liu, who’s developed this program called Hybrid Calisthenics! Here’s (1) a good article about him from Yahoo, and (2) his introductory video with an overview of the basic routine!

That should keep you busy till I get back! Have a great week!

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