Brave Sir Robins are clogging up the hospital beds

Hey everyone! I’m taking a bit of a blogging break this week. Still no date set for my lumpectomy! Apparently, the holdup is at the hospitals, where all those brave Sir Robins*, who are bravely asserting their constitutional rights to bravely run away from needles, are clogging up the ERs with some sort of respiratory disease that, of course, can’t possibly be COVID, since that’s really just a hoax anyway.

So while the scheduler at the surgeon’s office continues to keep trying to find a space for me, I’m heading out for a nice, long walk! See you next week!

*(And just wanted to add — I know there are people with legitimate reasons not to get vaxxed, like being allergic to one or more of the ingredients. They also tend to have legitimate reasons to fear getting COVID, and they KNOW it, so they’re heroically continuing to mask up, social distance, etc. to protect themselves and others. I salute thee, legitimately brave non-sir Robins!)

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