Progress! (and yet another commitment)

Well, welcome back, everyone! Yeah, it looks like after enjoying the freedom to gasp and wheeze without a mask at the gym, we’re gonna have to go back to those hated cloth diapers indoors for a while longer. So if you haven’t yet been vaccinated, this might be a good time to do it, so as not to prolong this already-way-too-prolonged “2020 Part 2!”

And in case you’ve just decided to be prudent and stay home, first of all, let me just say, thanks, Prudence!

We all appreciate your guidance in these weird time! Second, this might be a good time to dust off all those resistance bangs and dumbbells –

No, not THOSE dumbbells, you silly person! These!

No, no, no – THESE!

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to get a good workout at home, in case the gyms close up again. Another reason for getting your home workout stuff together is the gas prices.

As much as I enjoy taking long, relaxing road trips in my Archie Andrews-style jalopy—

I realized last week I was actually using almost a full tank on every one of my joy rides, including but not limited to the ones to the gym, so it might be a good idea for me to cut back, at least till things settle down a bit. So as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m looking for ways to do the same movements with the dumbbells as I do on the machines at work, like the fly.

No, this one!

No, Captain Obvious– THIS one!

And a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the joy of BATTLE ROPES, y’all!

Oh, so much fun! I’ve learned to enjoy working out a whole lotta frustrations on those suckers. So I’ve ordered a cheapie rope from That Big Horrible Place Run By The Non-Astronaut—

–and am currently deciding which of our poor trees to wrap it around, so’s I can work my bod at home as well as at the gym. Speaking of my bod, great news – here’s my weigh-in!


Yahoo! I’m actually down over a pound this week! And it’s mainly because I’ve been making myself write down the calories again. You know, that thing I keep telling YOU to do but keep forgetting to do myself?

So now that I’m doing that, and getting my home workout equipment set up, I’m ready to make a commitment: I’m going to get that number UNDER 200 pounds by my birthday, Sept. 2!

So stay tuned – let’s see if I can stick to it this time! Thanks for reading, and see ya next week!

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