Totally noncontroversial weigh-in!

Wow, sorry about getting super-controversial last week, folks! What can I say? Sometimes I just gotta let it all hang out! Of course, that's kinda the reason I'm doing a weight loss blog -- too MUCH hanging out (nyuk nyuk!). So let's ditch the controversy this week, and get right to the straight dope! NO, … Continue reading Totally noncontroversial weigh-in!

Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!

Good morning, and happy Tuesday, everyone! First of all, I wanted to express my sympathies to all the victims of gun violence over the past few days. It's heart-wrenching and happens all too often. Let's see if we can do anything useful about it *this* time, ok? Anyway, my weight remains steady: 186.0 in spite … Continue reading Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!