Friday Five – More Pingback Fun!

Today's Friday Five is basically just a bunch of random thoughts, in which I've subtly incorporated miscellaneous WordPress Daily Prompts from the past week or so, because why not? When your body releases weight, where exactly does it go? I assume a lot of it goes here: But as Rhoda on the old "Mary Tyler … Continue reading Friday Five – More Pingback Fun!

Weekly Weigh-In, and Non-Scale Benchmarks

Good morning, loyal followers! I'm happy to report this week's weigh-in is: 224.6 which means the ol' Weight Loss Train is chuggin' along nicely! Still not seeing the measurements budge, which is weird because I'm SEEING (and FEELING) some significant differences. For example: Clothes that have been uncomfortably tight for a couple of years are … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In, and Non-Scale Benchmarks

Friday Five: Books You’ve Gotta Read!

Hey, everyone – welcome once again to my Friday Five! This week, I thought I'd do something a little different, and share with you five of my all-time favorite diet/weight-loss books. These are books I've really, truly enjoyed reading, more than once - not just for "nuts and bolts" diet info, but for inspiration, laughs, … Continue reading Friday Five: Books You’ve Gotta Read!

Weekly Weigh-in: I’m losing – but where is it going?

The good news is, I've lost again - this week's weigh-in is: 231.7 Which is great and glorious! I certainly don't mean to sound churlish. It's just that I'm a bit puzzled. See, I'm also checking my measurements - waist, hips, etc. - as well as the pounds. And none of those measurements has budged, … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in: I’m losing – but where is it going?

Happy Monday – it’s Weekly Weigh-In Day!

I know, I know ... I said Mondays would be Weigh-In Day. And I will, I swear! It's just ... um ... [shuffles feet nervously] Well, come on... it's Labor Day! AND I had cake for my birthday (thanks, Elaine!). AND last night was the big "Twin Peaks: The Return" finale (no spoilers, but trust … Continue reading Happy Monday – it’s Weekly Weigh-In Day!

One Year From Today – The Official Beginning!

Okay (deep sigh) - here we go: This is me - today - on my 59th birthday (looking like Gordon Cole's female tulpa, if you ask me!). My current weight is: 235.6 One year from today - September 2, 2018 - God willin' and the creek don't rise - I intend to have lost 50 … Continue reading One Year From Today – The Official Beginning!

Tomorrow is B-Day!

That's right - tomorrow is my 59th birthday, and the OFFICIAL start of my one-year effort to lose 50 pounds by my 60th! Also tomorrow, I'm going to ask someone (probably my long-suffering husband) to take a couple of good "before" photos of me - one from the front, one from the side. I'll post … Continue reading Tomorrow is B-Day!

How about Monday?

I've been thinking about which day of the week to do my "official" weigh-in, for purposes of this blog. In the past, when I was attending Weight Watchers meetings (yeah, I did that too!), it was Saturday morning. I liked that, because then I basically had a whole weekend to pig out before starting fresh … Continue reading How about Monday?

A few ground rules, plus pingback fun!

Just thought I'd step back a moment and make a few "executive decisions" regarding this new blog o' mine - synchronize it, if you will.  (pingback! pingback!) First of all, NO POLITICS! That's right, this will be one of the increasingly rare places in the blogosphere where you're welcome, no matter how far to the … Continue reading A few ground rules, plus pingback fun!