Swing those weights, do-si-d’oh!

Well, good morning, all! Everyone ready to do their morning workout? Let's get started! Haha, I don't really do stuff like that, although I did recently RIDE a boat! It was fun, but for me, the most exciting part was getting out of the boat when we were done: (kinda looked like these, and note … Continue reading Swing those weights, do-si-d’oh!

Second vax; new gym; and laundry advice

Hey, good morning, everyone! First, the good news: I got my SECOND Pfizer vaccine yesterday! Yay, I'm (almost) street-legal, baby! I mean, yeah, my arm is kinda sore, but that's something I can live with, I guess. Actually, it isn't any more sore than my arms have been getting from working out at my NEW … Continue reading Second vax; new gym; and laundry advice