Good news and good day!

Hey everyone! Well, right after I posted last week about Mr. 50by60 testing positive, guess what happened to yours truly? Yup, we both had it! So we both had to stay home, avoiding human contact, including each other, as much as is possible in a house with one bathroom (although we DO have a back … Continue reading Good news and good day!

Swing those weights, do-si-d’oh!

Well, good morning, all! Everyone ready to do their morning workout? Let's get started! Haha, I don't really do stuff like that, although I did recently RIDE a boat! It was fun, but for me, the most exciting part was getting out of the boat when we were done: (kinda looked like these, and note … Continue reading Swing those weights, do-si-d’oh!

Second vax; new gym; and laundry advice

Hey, good morning, everyone! First, the good news: I got my SECOND Pfizer vaccine yesterday! Yay, I'm (almost) street-legal, baby! I mean, yeah, my arm is kinda sore, but that's something I can live with, I guess. Actually, it isn't any more sore than my arms have been getting from working out at my NEW … Continue reading Second vax; new gym; and laundry advice