Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Happy Friday, everyone! (**UPDATE: Day 5 walk DONE! see photos at end!) Hey, remember the other day when some of you (no names!) were all upset because you couldn't go outside and walk for more than a few minutes without your fingers and toes falling off? 'Cause you're all, y'know, snowflakes? Well, for those of … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Welcome to Bizarro Monday!

Well, happy Monday everyone -- and a nice rainy one it is too, here in normally sunny Southern California! Not that we're complaining, you understand! What's a bit ironic is that Mr. 50by60 is on a business trip in Seattle, where those of us who rely on sitcoms and movies for our information about the … Continue reading Welcome to Bizarro Monday!

Monday Weigh-In: Finally, Fall!

And the first thing that's falling is -- my weight! Let's start with that, shall we? 'Cause I'm pretty happy about it! Remember last week when I was up to 186.2, post-potluck? Well, feast your orbs on THIS! 183.6 Yes, the weight is falling -- and that's appropriate, 'cause it's finally FALL, y'all! OK, yeah, … Continue reading Monday Weigh-In: Finally, Fall!