Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Well, good morning, everyone! I had all sorts of great ideas for my blog post this week, which I'll now present in the style of one of my favorite Reddit subgroups, "Saved You A Click" : 1. Why you shouldn't listen to music while you're walking or jogging (makes you move faster than you normally … Continue reading Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Just a flesh wound!

Yeah, it's a teensy little gain: 198.0 But it could have been worse! Last week, in case you didn't notice, I took the week off and did one of my legendary "road trips" to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, where it only got up to about 122 degrees Fahrenheit at, um, 9:00 AM. So not too bad, … Continue reading Just a flesh wound!

Wednesday Wildflower Walk Weigh-In!

Good morning, peeps! Great to see you! How are you holding up? Feel free to rant in the comments! First things first: the weigh-in! 197.4 Down a pound, which is nothing to sneeze at! And speaking of sneezing ... yours truly saw some lovely wildflowers on a hiking trail in an undisclosed location in the … Continue reading Wednesday Wildflower Walk Weigh-In!

Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!

First, let's get this out of the "weigh" (get it?): Oh, it's funny, all right! All humor at 50by60.com is guaranteed to make you laugh, or you get a full refund on your admission price! OK, okay*! Here ya go, my Offishul Way-In for the Weak: 195.4 There ya go, down a little from last … Continue reading Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!

Another nice Chatsworth walk!

Yesterday's walk was on the Not really a "hike," per se. To me, a hike involves hills, gullies, backpacks, and of course, mud galore.  No, yesterday was definitely a gentle, peaceful walk! And it's someplace I've been before -- in fact, I blogged about it this past January: Brown's Creek Bike Path in Chatsworth, California! … Continue reading Another nice Chatsworth walk!

Better late than never! (Unusual Tuesday weigh-in)

Hey everyone, sorry for the one-day delay on the weigh! Had to sing at a liturgy yesterday morning -- usually the weekday liturgies are on Tuesday but for some reason this week was different. And since I'm the only cantor who doesn't have an actual job, It's always down to me! Oh well, afterwards I … Continue reading Better late than never! (Unusual Tuesday weigh-in)

Monday: Weighin’ In With The Boys!

Good morning, everyone! Today's weigh-in will be short & sweet (like me, tee hee!) 'cause I have an early appointment at everyone's favorite car repair/parts store! What happened was that Thursday morning I was driving merrily down the street, headed for the gym, tra-la-la, not a care in the world, when suddenly, outta nowhere, some … Continue reading Monday: Weighin’ In With The Boys!

Oops, I did it again!

...forgot to write my usual "Friday Five" blog post, that is! Sorry about that! Oh well, you know what I was doing instead? I was getting my glasses adjusted -- AND exercising, at (almost) the same time! See, my glasses get out of kilter very easily, always tilting just a little too much to the … Continue reading Oops, I did it again!

Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Happy Friday, everyone! (**UPDATE: Day 5 walk DONE! see photos at end!) Hey, remember the other day when some of you (no names!) were all upset because you couldn't go outside and walk for more than a few minutes without your fingers and toes falling off? 'Cause you're all, y'know, snowflakes? Well, for those of … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Are you up for the 7-Day Walking Challenge?

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, last night I indulged in a special treat -- prime rib (well done) with mashed potatoes and gravy and Yorkshire pudding, mmm! So it's really not that much of a surprise that this morning's weigh-in is: 181.6 Grr! Ya know what? I've been hangin' out in the '80s too long! Maintenance … Continue reading Are you up for the 7-Day Walking Challenge?