Friday Five – Take control of your numbers!

Hey, everyone! Depressed because the numbers on the scale aren’t going the direction you think they should? Never fear! Here’s five ideas to help you take control of those nasty numbers!

1. As recommended by many, many REPUTABLE fitness folks, including Jay at, don’t just weigh yourself once a week. Even if you’re doing so on the same day, at the same time, in the same clothing, your weight does fluctuate a LOT, even during the course of a day, and you may just happen to catch yourself at a point where it’s fluctuated upwards from last week’s – even though you’re still losing! Weigh yourself every day, 7* days a week, add those 7* numbers together, and divide by 7*, for a much more accurate weekly weight.

'Add the numbers, divide by how many numbers you've added and there you have it-the average amount of minutes you sleep in class each day.'

2. *If you’re like me, and like taking the weekends off, substitute “5” for those “7s” in 1. above. Monday through Friday works better for me. More businesslike, shall we say. And those of us who were caught in the Great Downsizing of 2009, who now spend our time working for pennies at Amazon Mechanical Turk, taking surveys, and writing inane blogs, need to preserve as businesslike a mien as possible, n’est pas?

3. Ditch the fractions! Fractions are nobody’s friend. They drove you nuts in junior high, and they’ve never stopped. How many times has this happened to you? You weigh yourself on Monday – 221.1. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – all 221.1. Looking good, right? Then comes the Friday Fluctuation Express – 222.7! Holey Moley! Now your weekly average (if you’re dividing by 5 – see 2., above) is 221.3! And you’re all freaked out, because you gained 0.2 pounds! Try this: DITCH THAT FRACTION! Now your weekly average is 221, and danged if you didn’t LOSE 0.1 pounds!

Strut your stuff, baby, and tell Math to take a hike!

4. Trick your brain! That big piece o’flesh inside your skull is the perennial Lennie to your George. Even when you TELL it, “Hey, Lennie, I’m gonna be fooling you this week,” ol’ Lennie just smiles and say, “Duh, OK, George! Say, where’s them rabbits?” So here’s what you’re gonna do, George. You know how, when you weigh yourself, you’re usually either completely naked, or at least mostly (depending on the temperature)? Well, this week only, weigh yourself every day COMPLETELY CLOTHED. Shoes, work clothes, parka – the works!

Naturally, your weekly average THIS week will be higher – a gain. But get this – the FOLLOWING week, when you resume stripping down to au natural status again – GUARANTEED weight loss, in two weeks, baby! For the rabbits, George!

5. And, if all else fails –

That’s it for today! Hope you have a great weekend! Oh, and if you’re not one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to deal with it, enjoy that extra hour of darkness on Monday morning!



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Friday Five: 4 Food Ideas for your Hotel Fridge, and One to Avoid

Hey, everyone – this’ll be my first Friday Five written entirely on my smartphone, with my travel-weary thumbs, so yay for me! I assume you’ll forgive the occasional, inevitable tpyo.

Anyhoo, if you do any travelling, and you’re counting calories, you might want to stock up on these. Each has less than 100 calories, and are really good for when you don’t feel like putting $5 worth of change in the hotel vending machine for some salty chips that have 400 calories per bag and aren’t good for you anyway.

1. Buddig Deli Slices – prepackaged turkey, beef, ham, or chicken. 9 slices per package, 90 calories per bag. Sure, they’re frowned on by health & wellness gurus, but since I’m not one of those, who cares?

2. String cheese. Lots of different brands to choose from here, some better than others. My personal fave is Frigos Light CheeseHeads. They’re only 50 calories each, and they’re super stringy, which makes them load of fun to nosh on while reading a good book by the pool.

3. Next in line is good ol’ reliable Yoplait Light Yogurt. There are lots of good flavors to choose from, and grocery stores often give great discounts if you buy in bulk. My personal fave flavors are Cherry, Vanilla, and Key Lime, mmm! Nice for breakfast in the room when you don’t feel like trudging down to the flimsy hotel continental breakfast.

4. Diet soda. Oh yeah, it’s bad for you. Pure poison. Dieters beware, am I right? Well, tough turkeys. I know I’m going to want some at some point, and again, why pay extra at the vending machine which doesn’t even work half the time? Buy your own and savor the illicit fizz.

5. Here’s one thing I DON’T recommend you stock up on, or at least don’t buy more than one: frozen dinners, like this:

Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to keep a few on hand just in case you don’t feel like leaving the room at all? (Because who doesn’t love staying in hotel rooms for days on end, right?) Here’s the problem: where do you PUT ’em? Check out the fridge in my room:

Notice anything missing? Yeah, that’s right: no freezer compartment. And the thing is, I’ve stayed at this particular hotel about a thousand million times over the last 20 years, and you just can’t predict whether a fridge will have a freezer or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s the luck of the draw.

And even when they do, it’s just that tiny little shelfie thing that you can’t fit more than one  frozen dinner into, and don’t even think about trying to shove any ice cream in there too. 

Let’s face it: Hotel fridges kinda suck. So take my advice, and stick to the little refrigerator-type snacks. They’ll keep better, and they’re better for you.

And the whole experience will just make you that much happier to get home, so it’s all good.

How about you? What are some of your favorite – or not-so-favorite – road foods?

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A somber Weigh-In Day

I’m going to keep this a bit short, as I’m on my way to a 9/11 observance.

However, it’s a good number this morning – ready?



Last week was 235.1, so that means I’m right on track for losing the sacred one to two pounds a week, as recommended by all the top legit scientists, dieticians, nutritionists, MyFitnessPal, fake would-be diet gurus, and of course, Richard Simmons (bless his heart).


So it’s a good day!

Of course, it’s also 9/11 Remembrance Day, hence the “somber” part of my blog title.

And of course, as pretty much everyone over five years of age will for the rest of their lives, I do remember EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing on that fateful day.

However, I’ve decided this is the year to start looking forward, not backward. We live in a world of troubles, and there’s not much any one of us can do about it, except clear our own paths, and make the world a little better for the people around us.

So that’s what I’m gonna try to do today. How about you?

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Breakfast of Champions

You’re SUPPOSED to have breakfast.

Right? You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” “dieters should NEVER skip breakfast,” etc., etc.

Yeah, we get it. Only what we HEAR, with our “fat ears” (TM Shannon Sorrels) is, “Go to Denny’s and have the Monster Slam! And don’t skimp on the French toast!”

Well, calm down! You’re on a calorie budget, remember? Don’t spend it all on breakfast, or you’ll be in Oliver Twist mode by suppertime!

Plus, come on – not everyone is a morning person, and not every stomach can deal with a whole bunch of food comin’ at it, first thing in the morning.

It’s OK to just have a teeny tiny breakfast! Really, it is! (pat pat, console console) Just have a little somethin’ somethin’ before you head out the door, and have a nice big lunch later on.

My husband can’t deal with anything more than a glass of water and a Trader Joe’s Organic Pop Tarts (200 calories), and that works for him.

Me, I like a little more bang for my caloric buck, so here’s my breakfast this morning:

Coffe with one tablespoon of whipping cream & artificial sweetener (50 calories)

String cheese (70 calories)

Mini box of raisins (45 calories)

Yoplait Light Blueberry (90 calories)

… for a grand total of 255 calories. Not as much as that Grand Artery Slam I used to have on a regular basis, but enough to get my tummy and my brain woken up and alert, so I can face the day ahead.

And since our kitty apparently had a little “accident” on our freshly washed sheets during the night – I’m gonna need all the alertness I can muster!

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