What year is it again?

What a week, huh? Seems like every time we start to relax, 2020 throws us another curve ball!And sure, we could probably get through it if we just had some calm, sensible, reassuring leadership, either now or in the foreseeable future!Yikes! Well, obviously we don't, so I for one don't feel inclined to get too … Continue reading What year is it again?

Kahlua-fueled hangover Wednesday!

Well, good morning, campers, rise and shine! Time to put your booties on, 'cause it's cold out there! Oh, uh, actually, it's pretty warm out there -- supposed to get up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit here in beautiful (finally!) sunny Southern California And I for one welcome our new Sun overlord! As I may or … Continue reading Kahlua-fueled hangover Wednesday!

Are we focusing too much on weight during the lockdown?

Hey, everyone! How are you holding up? I don't know about you, but I'm getting a lot of quality crocheting and knitting projects done. And my weight is pretty much staying the same, a little up, a little down, but basically circling around the same area it's been for the last several months: 194.6 However, … Continue reading Are we focusing too much on weight during the lockdown?

State of the Weight!!

Well, good morning, everyone! I'm sure we all enjoyed last night's State of the Union address, featuring President Trump, a frequent visitor to my meme gallery, and a couple of newbies Of course, not everyone enjoyed it: But ya know, you can't please everyone! So on that note, let's check out the State of the … Continue reading State of the Weight!!

Back From the Precipice!

Good morning, good morning! And it IS a good morning, in spite of the fierce winds currently blowing outside our lovely estate here in the beautiful San Fernando Valley, because after (finally!) getting back to jotting down my calories on a daily basis, the needle on the scale (or the electronic equivalent thereof) budged: 193.8 … Continue reading Back From the Precipice!