Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In: Post-Bright Week Edition!

Well, howdy everyone, and welcome back! So glad to see y’all again! So didja have a nice Pascha and/or Passover? Me personally, I did Pascha, but finished it off with some leftover Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine, so as to be, y’know, ecumenical.


(And of course, shout-out to our Eastern Orthodox friends who are just now STARTING their Bright Week! (And btw, we know all that “Old Calendar” stuff is just a clever ruse to take advantage of all our post-Easter & Christmas sales. Whatevs!)

greek orthodox easter palm sunday.jpg

So anyway, after a nice Bright Week full of yummy treats like REAL CREAM and REAL SUGAR for my coffee, kielbasa up the wazoo (and no, I don’t have a photo!), and cheese cheese cheese, here’s the official weigh-in with a DOUBLE rhyme (to make up for lost time*)!


Wow, only 0.8 up since two weeks ago — that’s not too shabby! I’m fine with that. In fact, maybe I’ll just grab myself some more cheese…

nun slap.jpg

Oh all RIGHT, Sistah! Just have some nice, 110-calorie Chobani yogurt, then, ‘k? Geez! Anyway, nice to be back! Hope y’all have a happy Monday!

happy monday dwight

(*see what I did there?)

Monday Weigh-In: Back to the Grind!

back to the grind.jpg

Good morning, everyone! Time to rise and shine, and face the new day, and all that crapola us annoying “morning people” like to say to you lazy stayabeds!


Yeah, well, I sympathize! I’ve noticed the school bus traffic getting heavier so that must mean a lot of people (hey, kids are people too!) going back to school, which of course makes things more difficult for the adult people trying to navigate the already mind-blowingly insane highways & byways. So I get it — the daily grind can blow your mind!


Not to mention relentlessly cheerful people like me, right? But bear with me for a few minutes, OK? I’ll give you my weekly weigh-in, you can read it, get a chuckle out of the lame rhyme I’ve chosen, and get on with your busy busy day! Ready?

don't make me.jpg

Oh, all right! Here we go, then — today’s weight is:

two whoop

Now, wasn’t that worth the weight? (hee hee…get it? “weight”? ’cause it sounds like “wait,” right?)

lisa loopner.jpg

Yeah, well, they can’t all be gems! Lemme get MY “daily grind” going and see if I can come up with anything better in the next post!

coffee kicking in

Have a great week, everyone!

Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in: Post-Hike edition!

Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday!


Yes, it’s time once again for me to entertain you with the Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in, wherein all those years of judiciously studying the classic poetic works of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Walt Whitman, and Edgar A. Guest finally pay off! Ready? Here we go!


Lookin’ good (and if you’ve never seen that “Kids in the Hall” sketch, “My Pen,” well, here you go, and you can thank me later)!

As for the “hike” part of the title, yesterday my husband and I did a nice walk slash hike in the foothills of Chatsworth, California — not very long, but enough to remind me that (a) I do really like hiking and (b) it might be time to shop for some sturdier shoes, ’cause I was slippin’ and slidin’ on the rocks along the path at one point. But still, it was fun! Here are a couple of photos:


Looking down at Chatsworth Park South, where there used to be a pond, way back in the 20th century, long long ago, etc.

me park.jpg

C’est moi!! In all my hiking glory! Note the comfy but slightly slippery Merrell Mary Janes on my tooties.

So it was a fun day. And every time I do one of these “big walks,” I say that the NEXT day I’m going to “rest” (i.e., not walk), but this morning I’m planning to walk up to the library, not a big walk but still not resting either.

You know what? Once you get started on doing an exercise you really enjoy, you’ll find yourself WANTING to do it, and looking for excuses! So don’t worry so much about which exercise burns more calories than others. The one you enjoy is the one that’s going to burn off the most calories, ’cause you’re gonna do it more often!


Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In, Monday morning hangover edition!

Well, good morning, all! I trust you had a scintillating weekend. As you may recall, last Monday I was a bit forlorn, having gained a couple of pounds during the celebration of Christmas.


And last night was yet ANOTHER Christmas party (belated, unless of course you’re Eastern Orthodox, which we ALMOST are, but not quite, being Byzantine Catholic and thus classified as Orthodox wannabes by the True Orthodox, but of course, that’s getting into religion, and I wasn’t going to do that with this blog, so nvm).


Anyway, the party was for anyone who works at our church, and since my husband and I are cantors (fancy name for “singers”), we qualify, so we went. It was a nice dinner, at a restaurant called Tam O’Shanter in Los Feliz.


It’s actually a pretty cool restaurant, which has been around since 1922. It’s sort of a Scottish steakhouse, but thankfully, no haggis.


And yeah, I guess that’s me because even though I didn’t have haggis (bleah!), I did have an Irish-ish drink, Kahlua with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Between that and the delicious prime rib steak, I was a little worried about this morning’s weigh-in. However, my husband and I had planned ahead for this, having a very light lunch to conserve our calories, so I’m happy to reveal my Weekly Weigh-in is:




Yay, it’s a Festivus miracle! (Somewhat belated, but I’ll take it!)


Now I guess I can finish that leftover prime rib for breakfast. (No more Kahlua, though.) Have a happy Monday, everyone!


Weekly Weigh-In, and I’m Off!

Rise and shine, campers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means!


That’s right! Grab your coffee, and gaze in awe at my Rhymin’ Monday Weigh-in! Ready? Here ’tis:

Yippee, honeybee!
Let’s raise a cacophony!*


Gotta love those WordPress prompts!

(*Hey, YOU try finding a rhyme for “223” – there’s not as many as you’d think.)

So what are you up to this week? Me, I’m gettin’ ready to hit the road and visit some family members. I think I’m ready. Hang on.

archer drinking

Just a little more!

Yeah – I’m ready! OK, folks, that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll post a little more often this week, too! Well – we’ll see.

we'll see

Aww, not always!

Have a great week, and remember: rhymes are a GOOD thing! Yes they are!


Stop looking at me like that!