Happy 2020! It’s Resolutions Time!

Hey, everyone, happy 2020! Are you stoked for making New Year's resolutions? Well, good! My first resolution: 1. Use more "woman yelling at cat" memes -- they're comedy gold! 2. Learn how to do origami! 3. Learn to make paper flowers! 4. Make all the paper beads I cut out from Trader Joe's Mini Ice … Continue reading Happy 2020! It’s Resolutions Time!

Bonus Post: Wisdom from Two Utes of Today!

Hey everyone! I'm still officially on vakay, but since my niece Rachel and her pal Ashley are still busily keeping THEIR blog, "Simply Us," up to date, I thought I'd share with you one of their recent posts, with a whole lot of wisdom in it! Enjoy! New Year New Me. New Year’s Resolutions and … Continue reading Bonus Post: Wisdom from Two Utes of Today!