Post-Holiday Weigh-In: Not Too Shabby, Chick! (heh – see what I did there?)

Good morning, everyone! Hope your Memorial Day was a good one (and if you’re in a country that doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day, well, “Monday,” then, ‘kay?).

monday pew

(Easy there, kitteh! It’s Tuesday, so you can relax now!)

Anyway, let’s do the weigh-in thing, shall we? Here we go:

pick-up sticks

Hey, not too shabby!

shabby chick

I was a little worried since yesterday we had our first backyard barbecue in a longggg time. Granted, we only had one guest, Mr. 50by60’s mom. It was her birthday as well as Memorial Day, and even though she recently broke her wrist, she managed to enjoy the festivities (and the French Vanilla ice cream) with a smile.

maggie tea

Plus my weight has been wildly fluctuating this past week — Saturday it was almost at 185! But that’s the reason for doing the daily weigh-ins: you can see the long-term trends in your weight, and not sweat those little ups and downs.

roller coaster

So all in all, a good weigh-in, and since I had a loss, off I go to a guilt-free breakfast!

Have a great week, everyone — see you next Monday!

It’s Memorial Day, so Delay the Weigh!

Good morning, everyone! Since today is Memorial Day in the States, I’m delaying my official weigh-in till tomorrow. As you’re oot and aboot having fun today, don’t forget to stop and remember those who made our freedom possible!

stooges memorial day.jpg

See you TOMORROW for a rare Tuesday Weigh-in!

Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in: Quickie Memorial Day edition!

Well, another happy Monday to everyone! I’m happy to report that the May Grey/Gray has drifted away, the sky is blue and the sun is blazing, so it should be a great day for all those Memorial Day ceremonies and other outdoor events.

Ready? Let’s get to the weigh-in!


Gee, thanks, Tony!

Oh, and by the way … whatever you’re doing today — whether you’re going to a barbecue or picnic, Vegas weekend or mattress sale, hitting the beach, hanging out in the back yard, watching the annual Three Stooges Marathon on IFC — as you enjoy this day off work or school, PLEASE take some time to remember all those who made it possible for you to do exactly that.


Have a great week, everyone — see you Friday!