Friday Five: Five blogging questions for expert bloggers!

Hey everyone, here I am on yet another Friday when I should have a nice, well-written, meme-intense Friday Five for ya, and yet I’m yawning and scratching and just generally not ready for this AT ALL!

So to any of my readers who are also bloggers, how do YOU do it? What do you do when you’ve made a commitment to blog on certain days, and you get to those days and just don’t feel like blogging?

  1. Do you just get up and write whatever comes into your mind, like a stream of consciousness thing?
  2. Do you just post a bunch of pictures, with minimal or no comments?
  3. Do you just say, “Sorry folks, no blog today, see ya next time”?
    that's all.jpg
  4. Do you prepare “emergency blog posts” ahead of time and keep them in reserve for just such occasions?
    emergency blog meme
  5. Or do you just not post anything at all, and hope nobody will notice?

I’m genuinely interested in your answers, suggestions and/or tips! Go on, share your wisdom!

go on.jpg

Thanks, and I’ll see you Monday, when I should be over my temporary writer’s block!

calvin writers.jpg


Rhymin’ Monday Weigh-in: Late start!

Hey, everybody … (yawn) …. what, is it Monday already? (double yawn)


sorry for the late start … (yawn) … what can I say? It’s cloudy and I haven’t had my cofveve yet. Hang on a sec, OK?

in lieu of 1.jpg

A’right, lessee … weigh-in, weigh-in … yeah, I got that around here somewhere … here ya go:


Well yeah, if all my weigh-ins are gonna be that good, I definitely want more! Not sure about the schnitzengruben right now, though.

hot dog.jpg

Let’s start with some cofveve and see how it goes, OK?


And enjoy your Monday, even if you have to work!