Good news and good day!

Hey everyone! Well, right after I posted last week about Mr. 50by60 testing positive, guess what happened to yours truly? Yup, we both had it! So we both had to stay home, avoiding human contact, including each other, as much as is possible in a house with one bathroom (although we DO have a back … Continue reading Good news and good day!

Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”

Well, howdy, friends, relatives, and well-wishers! As promised last week, I've got some thoughts on what to do now that my breast cancer seems to be cured. To whit, my weight! Long-time readers may recall that last November, when I transitioned the blog from "weight loss" to "all cancer, all the time" like Debbie Downer … Continue reading Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”

Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Well, good morning, everyone! I had all sorts of great ideas for my blog post this week, which I'll now present in the style of one of my favorite Reddit subgroups, "Saved You A Click" : 1. Why you shouldn't listen to music while you're walking or jogging (makes you move faster than you normally … Continue reading Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Maskholes at the gym!

Hey everyone! Well, as I said last week, I'm basically maintaining at this point, so I'm only going to post my weight if it goes up or down by more than a pound. So as long as you're seeing that "Same!" message over on the right-hand side of your screen, you know I'm doin' it … Continue reading Maskholes at the gym!

Summertime blues weigh-in!

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our old friend, SUMMERTIME! Listen, even though the calendar says it's a couple of weeks away, it was 108 degrees in the beautiful San Fernando Valley yesterday, and as far as I'm concerned, that means either (1) it's summer or (b) climate change is HAPPENING, people! And of course, … Continue reading Summertime blues weigh-in!

Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Happy Friday, everyone! (**UPDATE: Day 5 walk DONE! see photos at end!) Hey, remember the other day when some of you (no names!) were all upset because you couldn't go outside and walk for more than a few minutes without your fingers and toes falling off? 'Cause you're all, y'know, snowflakes? Well, for those of … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Friday Five: My 5 rules for the gym, in no particular order

Well, howdy and happy Friday, everyone! This has been a different week, exercise-wise. Mostly, because the weather was a little cooler (i.e., 80s and 90s instead of 90s and 100s!), I walked every day, and enjoyed it, for the most part (although the last 50 yards are always the hardest!). Still, I did make it … Continue reading Friday Five: My 5 rules for the gym, in no particular order

Weekly Weigh-in: On Fluctuations and Freakouts!

(sigh) OK, let's get right to it, shall we, 'cause this is one o'them "teachable moments" y'all've heard tell about. Ready? Let's go! Today's Weight:  198.0 And what was last week's weight? Let's see ... oh yeah ... 194.8. Which means since last week -- a mere seven days -- I've GAINED 3.2 pounds! Oh … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in: On Fluctuations and Freakouts!

A different kind of Friday post

Well, it took me a little longer than usual to haul my a$$ out of bed this morning, so I'm temporarily abandoning the "Friday Five" format. Just for today, how's about I tell you what my week has been like? So far, so good. My weight is still hovering around the 200 mark, in spite of … Continue reading A different kind of Friday post