Is weight gain on vacation inevitable? Not necessarily!

Good morning, everyone, and welcome! Time once again for the Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in, and of course, this is the Post-Vakay Weigh-in, so there may be some issues to deal with! Ready? Here we go!


Yeah … it’s a slight gain! Oh well…inevitable, right? Because I was on vacation for a week, and it’s perfectly normal to overeat, cut back on exercise, laze around by the pool, etc. etc. … right?

Wrong! Now, true, I DID do all those things. Here’s a list of the goodies I noshed on:

  1. Barbecued pork ribs with mac ‘n cheese on the side (mmm!)
  2. Homemade Thai sticky rice and mangos (thanks, Sri! And no, *I* didn’t think it was too salty at all!)
  3. Simply Organic Doritos White Cheddar
    and finally, the coup de grace:
  4. Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with Extra Whipped Cream

Mmmm!! They were all oh, so yummy, too!

And, in spite of my good resolutions (to use the hotel fitness center, to do exercise videos, to get up early and walk every day), I wound up not doing a whole of exercise at all, because, vakay, amIright?

cat beach.jpg

So because I ate those particular foods, and didn’t exercise, it was inevitable that I’d gain some weight…right?

WRONG, oh cromulent one! It’s NOT inevitable, and I didn’t have to gain ANY weight! In fact, I could have done all (or most) of those things, and LOST weight … if not for one little thing:


Yeah, that’s it. That was my one and only mistake. If I’d counted my calories, and made sure that I stayed in that magical caloric deficit (as explained so well over at AWorkoutRoutine), I’d probably be sitting here bragging about how I’m the only dieter in North America who went on vacation and LOST weight!

And I meant to! I usually write everything down in an app (like MyFitnessPal) or even just a piece of paper. But last week, I threw the paper away, unplugged the devices … and just like that, weight gain! So there you go.

However, I don’t want you to think I’m upset, or shocked, or even disappointed. The truth is, I kinda KNEW this would happen, and I was okay with it. See, I was on VACATION! I decided to let myself relax, for a period of one week, knowing there was a good chance I’d have a slight weight gain when I got home — and ALSO knowing that I’d jump right back on the horse when I got here.


And I am! Today I’ve got my pen and paper, I’ve logged my breakfast calories, and now I’m heading for the gym for that sweet, sweet calorie offset.

That extra couple of pounds won’t be around too long. In fact — if you want to look at it from a totally weird, yet very Doctor Who-ish point of view — it’s the FAT that’s on vakay this week … at my place! And next Monday, we’ll have said our goodbyes and the fat’ll be on its way home! Yeah, that could totally happen.

waving at fat

Doctor Who, “Partners in Crime,” Catherine Tate & David Tennant

Meanwhile, me and my new fat pals are heading to the gym! Have a great week, everyone, and remember: KEEP TRACKING THE FOOD!!

Friday Five: Things I Ate This Week That I Won’t See Again Till Next Year

Well, that title kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of five extravagantly delicious, yummy things I ate this week, because Christmas, and which I won’t eat again till the week of December 25, 2018, because again, Christmas:

  1. Trader Joe’s Cocoa Truffles. These were a gift from my husband, who’s ostensibly on the same calorie-counting diet as myself, but who, nevertheless, bought me this lovely red-and-gold box of Cocoa Truffles, containing eight servings of Cocoa Truffles, each serving consisting of four truffles and 180 calories per serving. You do the math. I’ll just savor the flavor. Because chocolate.

  2. Stroopwafels. These were offered up by my mother-in-law at the family Christmas dinner, because a friend of hers at church used to eat them, and she’d passed away, so this was a way of remembering her. Yeah, that’s it. Not because they’re so delicious it’s almost impossible to stop after just one. Because memories.

  3. Sour cream potato chips and homemade French Onion dip. Well, I don’t know if it was French onion or just onion. Onions is onions, I always say. Anyway, I generally try to stay away from potato chips and really yummy onion dip (French or otherwise) because it’s so easy to get carried away. But this week, I couldn’t. Because ooh-la-la, French onion.

  4. Soft dinner roll with a big giant pat of butter. Another thing I try to avoid, for the same basic reason as #3 Potato Chips above – they’re just too darn good, and it’s too darn easy to eat too darn much. Butter is 100 calories per tablespoon, and it’s really hard for me to stop at just one tablespoon, once I get started. But it was on the table, and it was Christmas, so I had it. Because butter.

  5. And finally, what list of Christmas-only favorites would be complete without Trader Joe’s Egg Nog? Not this one, that’s for sure. We still have about half a carton left, and I think we’re going to try to save it for New Year’s Eve. No promises, though. It does taste pretty good in coffee, too. Because nog.

    Okay – that’s the “better late than never” edition of my Friday Five! Sorry it’s late, but it’s such a beautiful, warm, sunny day out there, I had trouble tearing myself away from the Great Outdoors. But for you, I did! You’re welcome – and Happy New Year!