Monday Weigh-In: Post-Fartlek!

Good morning, everyone, and for those of you who are still struggling to wake up, welcome to Daylight Savings Time 2019!


We go through this every year, and it never gets easier, does it? Oh well … try to make the best of it! Remember, we’ll get that precious, precious hour returned to us in … oh, let’s see, eight months, I guess.


Don’t worry, the time’ll just fly by! Meantime, how ’bout that weigh-in?

mighty fine

Not too shabby! And by the way, remember a couple of weeks ago when I did that post, “Five exercises that sound like they’re … er … something else!!“? Well, how in the world did I leave out FARTLEKS??

fartlek 2.jpg

I mean, I’ve actually being DOING them! Whenever I go out on my tentative runs — basically, walking for a while — then deciding to run as fast as I can from, say, that rock over there to that palm tree down there — then slowing back down to a walk again. I had no idea that was a “thing”! But apparently it is!

linus fartlek

If you want to do some fartlek training yourself, go for it! It’s easy and fun! And I’ve signed up for my very first 5K, the Dream Mile Color Run/Walk 2019, at the end of this month, so I’m hoping to use my newly discovered fartlek skills to possibly finish in less than a full hour!

Fartlek 1.jpg

It is, isn’t it? Feel free to say it to someone at work today, then chuckle as they threaten to bring you up on sexual harassment charges! It’s good, clean fun! Meanwhile, enjoy your Monday, and don’t worry — you WILL get used to this stupid time change (eventually)!


Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In: Daylight Savings Time edition

“Spring forward, fall back!” Such a captivating idea, isn’t it? Just adjusting time a wee bit, because science!


As kids, didn’t we think that was just the neatest thing? Twice a year, we assumed complete control over time itself! Doctor Who, Doc Brown, and Rick, all rolled up into one.

rick time lords.jpg

Created by Niall Byrne – copies/T-shirts available!

One minute, it’s 9:00 at night. Then, we just SAY it’s 10:00 (or 8:00, and suddenly, it’s 10:00 (or 8:00)! How magical is that?


Flash forward about 20-30 years, and that kid is no longer a Time Lord. That kid has a job and a mortgage and a tight schedule, and changing the time twice a year? Just plain ANNOYING, that’s what it is. Time Lord Schmime Lord.


But till recently, it seemed like one of those things that was set in stone, decreed from above and unchangeable.


However, more and more U.S. states have rejected the Tyranny of the Time Lords, so there’s hope!


So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, my weigh-in! Here goes – ready?


Yeah, I’m skatin’ right on the edge of the big Two-Oh-Oh, folks!! That means NEXT Monday’s weigh-in should be super-fantabu-awesome! Unless I screw up and eat KFC every day, which PROBABLY won’t happen. But y’know, gotta keep a LITTLE suspense going in this blog, right?


Meanwhile, enjoy your week, and remember – save that daylight because, uh, America!!

Friday Five: Just a bunch of sorry excuses

Welp, I got up this morning and realized I had a blog post to write, and I hadn’t prepared for it at ALL. My deepest apologies! Here are some of the reasons I procrastinated this week.

  1. Celebrity sexual harassment. Unfortunately, even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and even worked on the peripheries of Show Biz (answering phones at a radio station), I’ve never been sexually harassed by a celebrity. I’ve been NONsexually harassed – Sandy Duncan once spat the F-word at me – but in her defense, she’d asked for coffee and I’d brought her hot chocolate, because the coffee machine wasn’t working right.
    But, since bitchiness isn’t a hate crime (yet), I’ll just have to hang onto all those juicy tidbits.
  2. Rain. Yes, it actually rained out here in sunny Southern California! Well, not so much rain. You know how you’ll be driving, and suddenly notice there are little droplets of water on your windshield, so you turn your windshield wipers on, but there aren’t enough little droplets of water and the wipers screech really loud, so you turn them off, and then more droplets show up, just to taunt you? That kind of rain. Like maybe the angels in Heaven are spitting at you. Or maybe Sandy Duncan. Anyway, it rained.
  3. Tar and slurry. The City decided to do some asphalt work on our street Tuesday, so we had to move our cars off the street for the whole day, as they were starting early-early-early. Well, 7:00 AM, which is kind of early. And I hear they didn’t actually start till 7:30ish. But still, I decided to take advantage of the situation and do a Road! Trip! to visit some bookstores in Orange County, specifically Bookman, Book Carnival, and Altair-4, all on Tustin Avenue. Which, I discovered after the three-hour drive to get there, was ALSO being asphalted. Nevertheless, I persevered and got some great books, which meant I spent a lot of quality time reading, rather than writing or creating.
  4. Memory Loss. On the way home from Orange County (see #3), I stopped at the grocery store to get some mundane but necessary items, specifically Kraft Grated Parmesan (2 teaspoons = 20 calories, mmm!) which we’d just run out of. The nice, chatty cashier bagged my groceries while we discussed life, the universe, and everything. I had to park a couple of blocks from my house as the street was still tarry, but I figured, hey, exercise, right? So I lugged everything home, and guess what wasn’t in the bag?
    parmesanYou got it. So I walked BACK to my car, hoping it’d fallen out, but it wasn’t there. Oh well – I didn’t feel like driving all the way back to the store, so there went four bucks, right down the drain. The next day, I went to a different grocery store to buy more Parmesan, and also some dry cat food, which we’d also just run out of. This time, I used the “self-checkout” and bagged my own groceries. Got home, and guess what was missing?
    cat food

    So, my brain’s had a rough week. Which kinda ties in with:

  1. Sheer laziness. We just started Daylight Savings Time this past week, so you’d think I’d be up a little earlier in the morning, given that nice cushy extra hour we were handed on a silver platter. Well, no – I always THINK that’s how it’s gonna be, but in reality, that extra hour just winds up getting converted into sleep, and pretty quickly, too. I mean, come on, I can’t work when it’s dark!

So there you go, friends, five more or less good reasons why I couldn’t come up with a halfway decent Friday Five this week. I’ll see if I can do better next week. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!


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