The occasional rant!

As my more-or-less loyal readers know, I usually try to keep this blog controversy-free. And for the most part, like the great Weird Al, I succeed. However, every once in a while I get a bunch of Really Important Thoughts!! that simply MUST be expressed somewhere, somehow, or I'll blurt them out in an inappropriate … Continue reading The occasional rant!

Happy 2020! It’s Resolutions Time!

Hey, everyone, happy 2020! Are you stoked for making New Year's resolutions? Well, good! My first resolution: 1. Use more "woman yelling at cat" memes -- they're comedy gold! 2. Learn how to do origami! 3. Learn to make paper flowers! 4. Make all the paper beads I cut out from Trader Joe's Mini Ice … Continue reading Happy 2020! It’s Resolutions Time!