Good news and good day!

Hey everyone! Well, right after I posted last week about Mr. 50by60 testing positive, guess what happened to yours truly? Yup, we both had it! So we both had to stay home, avoiding human contact, including each other, as much as is possible in a house with one bathroom (although we DO have a back … Continue reading Good news and good day!

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Moi!

Uh, yeah, about that vakay I was planning to take this week ... Poor Mr. 50by60 came home from work Friday with an uncomfortable feeling, which got worse over the next day -- fever, cough, the works. And yours truly was ALL SET for that road trip to Phoenix, with the rental car that (theoretically!) … Continue reading The Best-Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Moi!

Brave Sir Robins are clogging up the hospital beds

Hey everyone! I'm taking a bit of a blogging break this week. Still no date set for my lumpectomy! Apparently, the holdup is at the hospitals, where all those brave Sir Robins*, who are bravely asserting their constitutional rights to bravely run away from needles, are clogging up the ERs with some sort of respiratory … Continue reading Brave Sir Robins are clogging up the hospital beds

Don’t worry, blog’s not broken, even though I keep taking breaks!

Yeah, I had to take a break last week, due to a sad situation in the 50by60 family -- my younger brother, Michael, passed away from COVID-19. It was unexpected, and I took a trip back home to visit my parents and sister for a few days. Three Boomer siblings in the '60s If you're … Continue reading Don’t worry, blog’s not broken, even though I keep taking breaks!

Oh well, at least fat isn’t contagious!

This will be short - I'm running late! Sorry to report this, but my weight is UP a bit, to: 198.8 Still, there's one thought that gives me relief: I'm not contagious - so I can't cause grief, like, oh, I dunno ... (Sorry for the short post -- hope you have a great week!)

Just a flesh wound!

Yeah, it's a teensy little gain: 198.0 But it could have been worse! Last week, in case you didn't notice, I took the week off and did one of my legendary "road trips" to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, where it only got up to about 122 degrees Fahrenheit at, um, 9:00 AM. So not too bad, … Continue reading Just a flesh wound!

It’s fine to say it sucks!!

Good morning, everyone! Well, in spite of the title of this post, I'm happy to say my weigh-in doesn't suck (at least it's down a skoche!): 199.4 Whew, back a teensy beensy bit from that over-200-pounds-eek-eek-eek cliff! I won't breathe (or eat) easy till I get back under 195, but I hereby vow that I … Continue reading It’s fine to say it sucks!!

Never thought I’d say this!

Well, after yet ANOTHER week of NOT doing the kind of exercises that I used to do, and weighing in at -- let's see here: 198.6 ... I'm realizing that, in spite of all the times I've grumped and complained and basically Karen'd about various problems at lo, the many gyms I've belonged to over … Continue reading Never thought I’d say this!

Grok this, babycakes!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope you're doing extra specialerino today! First, I've got a loss! Check it out: 196.0 No, it's véritable, Dwight! (Although if we get any more of that Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar, it could all change next week!) Anyway, I've also got some fun news -- I have a new job! Yeah, … Continue reading Grok this, babycakes!

Eureka, I’ve Got it! The Anti-Karen Solution??

So while I was growling over the weight GAIN this morning, 197.4 I tried to console myself by watching some of the new "Karen" videos that have bombarded my Facebook feed lately. Karen after Karen after Karen (female AND male), screaming in grocery stores, upscale fashion stores, and pretty much everywhere, all about how the … Continue reading Eureka, I’ve Got it! The Anti-Karen Solution??