On becoming a Gym Rat

Wow. Well, I never thought this would happen, but as of this past Wednesday, I've actually got TWO gym memberships, simultaneously! In addition to my on-again, off-again recurring 24 Hour Fitness membership (it's all about the POOL, people!!), I've just signed up with Anytime Fitness for a year. And THAT one, my friends, is all … Continue reading On becoming a Gym Rat

Weekly Weigh-In, plus Diet Wisdom from Martin Luther!

First things first: 219.7 Weight loss heaven! Wow - I'm in my teens again!!! Can I start texting and making snide remarks about everything? Oh wait, I already do that. Anyway, this past Saturday, I was driving aimlessly around the Valley (San Fernando, in case you've heard of another), listening to AM radio (on Saturdays, … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In, plus Diet Wisdom from Martin Luther!

Friday Five: It’s already October??

Hi, everyone! Time once again for my "Friday Five" - here we go! 1. If you haven't already encountered it, do whatever you can to get access to any episodes you can find of the great Canadian sitcom "Corner Gas," created by a comic genius named Brett Butt (yes, it's his real name!). Specifically, look for … Continue reading Friday Five: It’s already October??