Super Scary Hallowe’en Weigh-In Edition!

Well, good morning, boys and girls! As you know, it’s almost time for the scariest day of the year — All Hallows Eve!! And Aunt 50by60 has some really scary stuff for you today!

count on it

First, of course, there’s the obligatory Weekly Weigh-in. Well, now THAT can’t be too scary! I mean, yeah, I haven’t exercised as much this last week, but I’ve been keeping an eye on my calories, kinda-sorta more-or-less! So let’s just step on the scales…

don't step on scales

…and see what…EEEK!!

mr bill

Yikes! 190 is my (self-designated) Official Cutoff Point O’ Doom! So that’s really scary because it means I DO have to get off my butt this week and do some (eek) exercise!

paranormal weight room

And that’s gonna be REALLY tough because, as hinted at in last week’s post, we’ve just welcomed a new addition to the 50by60 household — meet PUMPKIN!

pumpkin princess

As you can see, Pumpkin, a black cat with gorgeous orange eyes (which you can’t see because, like all cats, she’s usually asleep) is getting into the Hallowe’en spirit by making herself comfortable on the shelf directly above the Memorial Shelf, where we keep the mementos of our beloved previous cat, +Princess+, who perished just a year ago yesterday.

Princess 3

And just to make it sadder, +Princess+ died on Mr. 50by60’s birthday last year.

sad kitteh.jpg

THIS year, he had to go to the dentist and get a filling and a crown. Hmm — maybe next year we should plan something a tad more cheerful!


Anyway, we miss +Miss Princess+, so we’re thrilled to welcome Miss Pumpkin to take her place in our home (although of course, never in our hearts!). Our other cat, Buddy, is still debating about how HE feels about it!

new kitten

However, I’ve found a little extra food in his bowl makes him calm down about the whole situation. That works for humans too — which is probably why my weight is going UP rather than DOWN! You may have noticed we’ve had a couple of wildfires out here in So Cal (and No Cal) over the past few, um, weeks? (I’ve lost track.)


Pretty much every morning over the past couple of weeks, we’ve awakened to yet another round of smoke, ashes, high winds, and red fonts on the Drudge Report. This morning’s outbreak is just past Simi Valley, near the Reagan Library — AND not too far from my favorite 24 Hour Fitness Location!


YES, the one with the pool!!

So best wishes to all the beleaguered firefighters who are definitely being stretched thin! Which makes my efforts to get thin seem kinda unimportant, in the grand scheme of things, right? Still, I haven’t given up hope! At some point (if Pumpkin lets me)…


…I’ll stand up, grab my water bottle (and my face mask), and take a nice long walk through the beautiful Southern California autumn!

happy fall so cal

Well, that’s it!

joe flaherty count floyd scary.jpg

Enjoy your week!

Memento mori, so pass the Doritos!

office space memento

First of all, excuse me if this post makes it sound like I’m depressed or something. Far from it – I’m actually enjoying our beautiful, mild fall weather here in sunny Southern California!

happy fall so cal.jpg

But every once in a while, I do wax philosophic! And during the last couple of weeks, Mr. 50by60 and I have attended not one, but TWO, funerals, for a couple of wonderful people from our church. And whenever I have to go to a funeral, it kinda makes me ponder this whole “diet” thing (for a while, anyway!).

die diet.jpg

I mean, why exactly am I trying to lose all this weight for, again? I mean, yeah, to be able to do more outdoorsy stuff, because I like doing outdoorsy stuff (except when it’s too hot, or too cold, or too wet, or too dry). And yeah, to be healthier so I can live longer (because all those Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime shows ain’t gonna binge-watch themselves!).

pope forgive binge.jpg

But am I doing it because I really want to do it? Or because I think I should do it? Man, that’s a tough one! I mean, it ultimately speaks to the reality of our mortality here on Planet Earth, right? We all have a limited amount of time here on the Biosphere, so how do we want to use that time?

productive use of time

Back in the olden days, the Latin-rite Catholics had a saying: “Memento Mori.” Loosely translated, it means, “Remember, you’re gonna die!” Whatever you might think about the Catholic Church these days (and believe me, I get it!), it was actually a good reminder: get your priorities in order. Figure out what’s really important, in the light of, well, eternity!

eternity long nun.jpg

So I guess all this is my long-winded way of revealing that, YES I had a bit of a gain this past week:

little kicks

and YES, I still want to lose a bit more weight, because I want to stick around for quite a while!

chocolates life

But NO, I’m not letting it worry me! Life is short no matter what you do, and YES, it’s important to stay as healthy as you can, as long as you can, but sooner or later … sooner or later, Jake, we all go to Chinatown. (Or, in my case, Yogurtland!)


(Well, that was nicely morbid, huh? Don’t worry, next week’s post should be a bit more upbeat AND I’ll reveal all the fun facts about the newest member of our household, Pumpkin!)

cat terms.jpg


Stray Cat Blues!

Oh yeah! Hmm, I seem to be singin’ the blues a lot lately on this blog, don’t I? The Summertime Blues, the Not Enough Quarters for the Washing Machine Blues, and of course, everyone’s favorite, that seemingly never-ending waltz around “Plateau Point!” This week is a little less tragic – I’m down to:


A miniscule little drop, to be sure, but still, any loss of elevation is welcome (unless you’re on Viagra, I guess?).

Anyway, the “stray cat” of my title song is a cute little black kitten who’s trying to stake out territory in the space between our house and the neighbors, as well as in MY HEART waahhh!!

The thing is, although (of course!) he’s super cute, neither Mr. 50by60 nor our current alpha cat, the Budster, is really ready for a cute new interloper just yet. After all, it’s been less than a year since our beloved Princess went to Kitty Heaven,

taking our hearts with her! And none of us is really quite sure we’re ready to reclaim our hearts from way up there and start from scratch (literally – I mean, it’s a cat!) with a new furry friend. But like all good salespeople, Li’l Blackie hasn’t given up yet!

And to be honest, he’s already wormed his way into — if not my heart, at least into that vast Catholic guilt complex inside my head.

I’ve been buying extra cat food and leaving it out between the houses for him, as well as lying awake at night, worrying that he’ll be too cold out there. “It’s 50 degrees!!! Won’t he freeze to death?”

So we’ll see what happens. If nothing else, all this stress should result in a nice, juicy weight loss next week! By which time, by the by, and getting back to the “Washing Machine Blues,” we may just have a brand new washing machine, y’all!!!

Stay tuned — I’ll update you next week on the cats, the major appliances, and of course, the continuing saga of The Weight!!

Hikin’ up ol’ Treadmill Hill!

Well, good morning, nieces and nephews out in Internetland! Yup, Aunt 50by60’s back with another snooze-inducing weigh-in!

al gore

As you can see, things haven’t changed around here too much in the last few [checks calendar] months, weight-wise anyway. But take heart! Thanks to the inspiration of a dedicated Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker named Jeff, who Aunt 50by60 encountered near the metropolis of Acton, California last week, she’s decided to take a proactive step towards making these weigh-ins a little more exciting.

get on1

Yes sir!! Anyway, that’s right — I’VE JOINED YET ANOTHER GYM!


Oh, OK, I know it’s not THAT exciting! But as long-time readers of this blog know all too well, I’ve been a member of the venerable 24 Hour Fitness of Simi Valley for years and years, mainly because of The Pool.


Last year I temporarily added the lovely, but alas, too distant Anytime Fitness to my workout regimen.


And it helped for a while, but as usual with ANY gym, I got bored and started making excuses to just, you know, WALK, like OUTSIDE, man!

walking treadmill

Which is great! Except what with rainy days, super-hot days, climate change, uh…meteors, and all that, outdoors isn’t always the best place for delicate, sensitive flowers like moi to hang out!

grumpy cat

Plus another added factor is that, in case you haven’t noticed, gas prices have been climbing just a tad lately.

gas prices california

So I’ve got (yet another) an incentive not to drive long distances just to use a gym. Which is why, after decades of living within, literally, two BLOCKS from a perfectly serviceable YMCA, I’ve decided to actually join it!


I’ve hesitated in the past because the membership seems a bit pricey compared to the other gyms. However, when I added in the steadily rising price of gas and time required to get to The Other Gym(s), it wasn’t that bad by comparison. Plus, I have to admit I was impressed when I actually went inside and found that, unlike my beloved 24 Hour Fitness, this particular Y has treadmills that actually seem to have been manufactured in THIS century!

retro treadmill

Plus they have lots of classes during the daytime which seem to be aimed primarily at doddering old fogeys (“Shoelace Tying 101,” “Stretch To Reach The Remote,” etc.) so I should fit right in!

drunk old lady

I’ve already done one workout there on the treadmill where, inspired by Jeff and all the intrepid PCT/Appalachian Trail hikers, I turned the incline up to an awe-inspiring, never-before-achieved (by me anyway) height of (ready?) 2.5!!! Wowsers!


So things are looking up! And hopefully next week, things like my weight will be looking DOWN! If that makes any sense at all, which it rarely does, but come on … what did you expect from a blog written by someone who flunked Logic 101 in college?

spock logical fabulous.jpg

That’s all you get this week, folks! See you next week, when we’ll find out if my trip up Treadmill Hill had any real-world impact!

trump see you next week maybe



I got the “not enough quarters for the washing machine” blues!

Well, hey there, and a hearty good morning to all my nieces and nephews out there in Blogland! Yes, it’s Auntie 50by60, here to entertain you with another edition of “Why Can’t I Get Off Plateau Point??”

plateau point

That’s right, today’s weight is (drum roll please):

woo hoo

Yep, EXACTLY the same as last week, give or take a millimeter or so.

silly little millimeter

And that’s fine! I’m not really complaining. Just that earlier in the week, it swooped down to a dazzling 185.4, which I was hoping was a harbinger of the future! Unfortunately, like 99.999% of all predictions and prophecies (so far!), that turned out to be incorrect!

predictions tough

No duh, Yogi Berra! Well, anyway, getting back to the TITLE of this here blog post, our beloved washing machine of 23+ years picked this week to pass on to its eternal reward, taking the ease of tossing our dirty duds into it at any time of day or night, for free, with it. At first, Mr. 50by60 thought he might be able to repair it.

i man washing.jpg

But it was too far gone, so we’ve decided to replace it instead. However, due to busy schedules and a general lack of resolve, we’re putting it off till next weekend, or maybe the week after that. Sometime before Thanksgiving, that’s for sure!

drew appliances

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying what used to be a major social event in my single days: going to the laundromat!

trump laundromat.jpg

And I have to say, it’s actually kinda fun! Our neighborhood laundromat (located in the semi-strip mall where the Jo-Ann’s used to be, thus and hence having oodles of parking) is sparkling clean, not too crowded at the times I was there, and most importantly, has a restroom that’s actually been cleaned within living memory!

employee hands

So far I’ve hauled our big bags of stinky laundry down there twice, and enjoyed all that retro laundry stuff immensely. You know, estimating how long the wash cycle will be so you can figure out how many snacks you’ll have time to consume out of the overpriced vending machine … Oops!!

just kidding.jpg

Forgot for a moment I’m a respected, prestigious diet blogger!! No, what I meant to say (ahem!) was, estimating how long the wash cycle will be so you can figure out how much time you’ll have for a nice, healthy walk or jog!

parks and rec jogging is the worst.jpg

And then, of course, since our dryer is still working, I haul all the wet stuff back home so I can save the few precious, precious quarters that are still left. Although I have to confess, last time I cheated and used the dryer. Yeah, I know, 75 cents down the drain, but it gave me an extra half hour to scarf down some Doritos eat some healthy salad!

parks and rec salad.jpeg

So as you can see, I’ve definitely had some ups and downs this week, and not just the weight! However, on a brighter note, the temps have been dropping a lot, due to this thing called climate change autumn, so you know what that means — it’s outdoor exercise time!

suns out guns out.jpg

Yeah!! So hopefully next week I’ll have (a) climbed down from Plateau Point, (b) taken steps towards getting that fancy schmancy new washing machine, and (c) most importantly, found some Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer at the grocery store!


Seriously, they just fly off the shelves! So wish me luck — and have a GREAT week, y’all! Remember, Hallowe’en is on the way!!

halloween samhain.jpg

Eau deer … another gain!

Yeah, the weight’s not really looking too good this week:

oh poo

Drat! Well, to be honest, I haven’t really been following through on the advice I keep giving all of YOU nice folks! In fact, I’ve been doing the opposite – NOT counting my calories, NOT exercising as much as I need to, etc. I mean, I still think all of that is great advice — y’know, if I actually did it!

trump do as i say.jpg

Yeah, well, that’s easy for you to say, Mr. President! (Also, not to get political or anything, but stay off the phone, for a while, Donald, it just gets you in hot water!)

hot water.jpg

Anyway, now that summer’s finally over, and the weather gurus PROMISE that cooler weather is on the way, maybe I will actually do what I’m always telling other people to do: take more walks!


Yeah! And walking did me a lot of good last winter. I enjoyed the physical part, as well as the mental and emotional “high” of being out in beautiful Mother Nature, as opposed to the gym.

walking treadmill

So bear with me! Your intrepid weight loss blogger is down*, but NOT out, yet! I’m still going to go out there and enjoy life — and now that the weather’s cooler, maybe stay away from Yogurtland!


So till next week, remember — do as I say, not as I do!

try not yoda

(Or whatever!!)

(*OK, technically I’m “up,” but you know what I mean!)


True Confessions of a Weight Loss Blogger!

true conf 1

Yikes! Sorry to be late checking in! I was on vacation last week in beautiful, sunny Arizona (because of course, where else would anyone go for vacation in early September?) and what with visiting all the relatives and noshing on the fabulous La Quinta continental breakfast every morning…


I just never got around to blogging! So here ya go, after two weeks, my weight is:

dr who woohoo.jpg

Which looks good, right? I mean, it’s actually LESS than when I left on vacation, right? Welllll … I have to confess there’s another reason I didn’t blog my weight last week.

i confess bad

The truth is … my weight was over 190 pounds!!


Yeah, it’s true. It was actually (sigh) 190.8! And it’s the first time it’s gone over 190 in a long, long time. And to be honest … I was kinda embarrassed about it. I mean, after all, I’m a rich, successful, marginally competent weight loss blogger!

better than that.jpg

I know, I know! So I should have just posted it and let the chips fall where they may. (Mmm … chips … )


So anyway, yeah, what with the train trip in August and the Arizona road trip last week, I kinda let my diet train get derailed.

fell off diet wagon.jpg

But I’m back on track now! I’ve been counting my calories (sort of) and exercising a lot (sort of) and I fully expect that NEXT week, I will have lost at LEAST one full pound (sort of)! And if I don’t, I PROMISE I’ll blog about it anyway, because misery loves company, right? I mean, not that I want you to be miserable, but hey, I’m sure as one of my many loyal readers, you’ll jump right off that cliff with me. Right? (ahem) I said, right?


Well, um, that’s encouraging, I guess! Anyway, like I said, I’ll be back next week with another weigh-in, and NO excuses!

not threat promise.jpg

See ya next Wednesday!


Sigh…okay, back to the grind, then!


Yeah, the bad news is:

30 rock no.jpg

Yikes! Well, that’s what happens when you (a) don’t count your calories and (b) spend a whole lotta time with your feet up on your comfy recliner binge-watching “30 Rock” during the “dog days” of summer!

30 rock kenneth dog.jpg

The good news is, it’s a wake-up call to get back to the basics:

1. Count my calories,

30 rock not much cheese.jpg

2. Eat right,

whole grain.jpg

and of course,

3. Exercise!

muffin top 4.jpg

No excuses! And I’m gonna get started…right AFTER my planned vacation, which starts, er, today! and hey, it’s in Phoenix, Arizona, so maybe the pounds will MELT off!

30 rock r and r.jpg

So I’ll try to spend the next week eating sensibly, yada yada yada, and we’ll see what happens.

yada yada.jpg

(my NEXT binge watch??)

Have a great week!

On vacay! See you in September!

Hey everyone, I’m taking a little blogging break so I can enjoy the last few waning days of summer! Will be back and weighing* in on ALL sorts of topics sometime in September.

Hope you’re enjoying some well-deserved summer relaxation — if not, please accept my heartfelt sympathies! Maybe you can at least do a mini-staycay of some sort!

See you in September, everyone!

A little up, a little down – it’s all good!

Up a little this morning:

sw open door

but ya know, it’s OK! I did a whole bunch of long walks last week, mostly alone but one with Mr. 50by60, just around the neighborhood, enjoying all the fresh graffiti.

So that’s something we both enjoy! And over the next few days, we’ll be doing something ELSE we both enjoy on a regular basis!


That’s right — we’re going on another train trip!

tunnel train.jpg

[off-stage whispers]

You thought WHAT?? Oh come on, get your minds outta the gutter!

jeez napoleon.jpg

Anyway, we’re taking the fabulous Amtrak Coast Starlight up to Olympia, Washington for a church thingy, which should be lots of fun (as long as I don’t run into anyone who’s heard about my recent rants against church men telling church women how to dress and behave)!

right eye.jpg

And of course, being on the train, and then at a hotel, and then at a church thingy, means pretty much the same thing to us lifelong dieters:


So I might not do a weigh-in next week! I’ll do some sort of post, though, to let you know how the trip went, and maybe share some photos too. Meanwhile, hope YOU have a great week, and remember:

woman resistance