Oh well, at least fat isn’t contagious!

This will be short – I’m running late!

Sorry to report this, but my weight

is UP a bit, to:


Still, there’s one thought that gives me relief:

I’m not contagious – so I can’t cause grief, like, oh, I dunno …

(Sorry for the short post — hope you have a great week!)

Happy Birthday, Donna Lehman Krum!

Hey, guess what today is? That’s right, folks, it’s


And just who is Donna Lehman Krum, you ask? Well, good question! Here’s the answer: she’s one of my cousins (at least I *think* she is — I’m still not 100% sure what the actual cousin-ography line of succession is on that side of the family). Anyway, today’s a big birthday for her, so Donna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and here’s your free plug!!!

Oh, and by the way, it’s ALSO apparently my 10th anniversary with WordPress, according to the popup message I got from them when I signed in this morning! Of course, being WordPress, they didn’t make it easy, or even possible, for me to cut & paste the actual message, so I’ll just have to give you an approximation:

wordpress anniversary

That’s the power of blogging, folks! You can say what you like and nobody can stop you!

trump laugh

Except yourself, of course!

trump say what now

And on that note, let me stop blathering and give you this morning’s weight report!

fonz whoa rhymes with o

OK, that’s good — still kinda sorta on that downward trend, one micromillimeter of a pound at a time! Every little bit counts! And, y’know, that sort of thing …

get smart missed

As long as the arrow’s pointing down, I’m OK with it! So go out and celebrate something today — Donna’s birthday, my WP anniversary — or heck, your ability to actually get out of bed this morning!

cat out of bed

I mean, there’s always something good happening to someone, somewhere, right? If it isn’t you, well, it will be at some point!

pollyanna cat

Well, pooh on you, Pessimistic Meme Cat! That’s my philosophy and I’m stickin’ to it — at least till next week! See ya then!

sound of music so long


Best way to lose weight? Wait, wait!

So this morning, at around 6:30, I get up to let the cats out (for the first time).

cat out in

Actually, just one cat, Buddy, the Big Guy. He likes to go out and let the other cats in the neighborhood know, as early as possible, that our yard is HIS yard, and visitors will not be tolerated. Our other (newer) cat, Pumpkin, prefers to stay inside, cuddling into the soft, warm blanket for as long as possible. Which is what I do, too, after Weigh-In #1:

gotchu boo parks rec

I get back in bed, thinking about ways to break the horrifying news, in this blog, that I’ve gained over 2 pounds since last week’s weigh-in! And thinking of words that rhyme with “two” — boo?, coo?, doo?, yeah, “boo’s” good. I settle on “boo” and go back to sleep for about 15-20 minutes, till I’m awakened by an imperative little paw, with claws out. “Time for breakfast!” Pumpkin is saying.

cat claws back.jpg

So I get up, stumble into the kitchen, crack open one of those big giant can of Friskies Tuna and Egg,

friskies flaked tuna egg

which Buddy adores and which Pumpkin will eat, too, because she eats EVERYTHING.

hey mikey.jpg

Then, while they’re stuffing their cute kitty faces, I stumble back to bed, stopping on the way to check the weight again. Still

oh poo

“Hmm, ‘poo’ is funnier than ‘boo,'” I think, as I settle down in bed again, turning on my Kindle and doing a preliminary search for today’s memes. About 15-20 minutes later, Mr. 50by60 yawns, stretches, and decides it’s time to seize the day at last!

crappy diem.jpg

I decide to do one last weigh-in (third time’s the charm, right?) and am beyond thrilled to see that at some point during the past quarter of an hour, I lost over a pound of flesh!!!

waving at fat
Doctor Who, “Partners in Crime,” Catherine Tate & David Tennant

So, long story short, I’ve still got a gain to report, but not quite as bad!

moe moe moe

And yeah, it’s STILL a gain, a full one pound over last week, but hey, I’m OK with it! I’ve been weighing in at @194 all week, so at least it’s heading in the right direction — I think!

down up

Oh, and if YOU’RE unhappy with your weight this morning —

patience grasshopper.jpg

take my advice: go back to bed! Maybe you’re just weighing yourself too early in the day! Or maybe sleep causes weight loss. Who knows? I mean, they have sleep dentistry — why not sleep weight loss?

reagan great idea.jpg

Come to think of it, that’s JUST what happened in that Barbara Cartland romance novel I was telling you just a few short weeks ago! Hmm — maybe next week I’ll do the weigh-in at noon! I’ll hit my target in no time!

chance jim carrey.jpg

Meanwhile, have a great week, and remember: To Lose Weight, Wait!!

wait trump.jpg

Post-Vacay Rainy Day Weigh!

Welcome back, everyone! Time for my post-Thanksgiving weigh-in — ready? Let’s go for it!

fonz whoa rhymes with o

Hey, up a little, but just a scosche! That’s pretty good, all things considered. I mean, it was Thanksgiving, and as usual, I did indulge a bit over the long holiday/road trip!

pumpkin road trip.jpg

Oh well, that’s OK! I’m getting back on track — even doing a 5k this weekend!


Donate here: Miles for Migraine ! Thanks!

So now that I’m back to basics —

— maybe I can finish out the year regaining my fabulous 50-pound loss! Um, let me rephrase that: re-LOSING, not re-GAINING! Words matter!

Morbid Holiday, David Wade Evans, 2012

Yeah, whatever! Anyway, it’s pouring down rain here, and one of our two cats is happy to be inside. The other, not so much!

So I have a fun day ahead of me! How’s your weather? And your weight loss plan? Feel free to share either of them in the comments! C’mon, I wanna hear from YOU sometimes!

Anyway, have a great week and I’ll see you next time!



Whether dieting or “Jesus-ing,” stick with the basics!

Welp, yet another small but HISTORICALLY significant gain this week — but some theological AND diet wisdom to go along with it! First, the annoying news:

don't step on scales
apple core

Yep, that’s right, as of today’s weigh-in, I’m no longer 50 pounds down!! Thus, I’ll either have to rename the blog (“50 by 61?” “50 by 62?”) OR get back to basics and recalibrate that diet!

cat mouse remember diet'

And in a weird weigh way, it kinda ties in with some theological stuff I’ve been dealing with. See, as you longtime regular readers (all 3 of you!) know, I’m a Byzantine Catholic.


However, every so often, like most sensible people, I have my doubts about the whole “religulous” thing. That’s because, also like a lot of otherwise sensible people, I have a tendency to let my religion get tied up with my politics, and wind up worshipping something more like the all-too-human leaders of my party of choice (whichever it is at the time) than any transcendent deity that may or may not exist!

And no matter which version of Jesus you favor, Democrat, Republican, or “other,” you have to know, deep down inside, that if there even is any such Person at all, He’s probably not tied to any one particular political party or ideology that we humanoids have managed to cobble together for ourselves!

30 rock we count those

Anyway, the nice thing about going through a bout of atheism on a regular basis is that it’s kinda like cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen.

junk drawer.jpgYou know how it is — you throw everything out, clean the drawer, leave it empty for a while, till one fine day you need to store a new kitchen thingy (“Hey, why not in that nice, clean, empty drawer?”) and then another thingy, and another,  till before you know it, everything’s back to normal! Except now, at least you’ve got NEW junk in there, instead of all the old junk, and for a while, anyway, maybe you’ll actually remember what’s in there, and occasionally even find something useful there!


(And trust me, I’m getting to the dieting stuff! Be patient!)

get on1

ANYHOO, so from time to time I throw out all the theological crap I’ve been storing in my internal junk drawer, aka “brain,” and then a few weeks/months/years later, I find myself with a brand new religious idea that makes sense! So I store it in my nice, clean, empty brain, then add another,  and another, till pretty soon everything’s back to normal, till the next spring cleaning time rolls around.

But the mistake a lot of theologically inclined people make when they’re losing their faith is to try and “Jesus” harder, a term I first came across in Rolltodisbelieve, a “nonreligious” Patheos blog by the very amusing and perceptive Captain Cassidy, aka Cassidy McGillicuddy. (And before my religulous friends get uptight, yes I’m still religious, but you know what? When you’re lost in the forest, sometimes it’s helpful to consult someone who’s outside it, and thus has a better view of the overall map!)

99 trees.jpg

Anyway, in a recent post, Captain Cassidy writes about how Christians rarely think about how they will cope if they find themselves starting to lose their faith:

If the doubters don’t want to do a bunch of busywork or they don’t respond in something other than the expected manner, then Christians fall back on accusing the doubters of Jesus-ing incorrectly. …
If doubters fail to resolve the doubt in question, then obviously the doubters allowed the scripts to fail.

Again, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the Captain’s *conclusions* in that post, but I sure do love the fact that she really pinpoints the problem(s) in ways that my fellow religulous friends are sometimes afraid to! And that brings me — AT LONG LAST!! — to the connection with the diet!


When a longtime dieter who’s lost a whole bunch of weight starts regaining — “Why is this happening? I’m doing all the same stuff I was doing before! I’m eating all the same stuff!” — and they go online, what happens? Do they get sympathy (“Oh yeah, I’ve been there! Don’t worry, just take some deep breaths, get on with your life, take it one day at a time, it’ll all work out!“)? Well, maybe sometimes, but more often, they get stuff like:

“You’re dieting wrong! You should be [fill in fad diet of the month here] instead! What are your macros? Check your macros! Keto! Vegan! Calories don’t count!”

So here’s the connection! (OPINION ALERT!) Just like there’s all sorts of religions out there — all sorts of ways to find God and/or be spiritual or whatever — the ultimate goal of the best of them seems to boil down to having, and expressing, compassion and empathy for everyone.

jesus tattoos stupid questions

Now, some religions do that better than others, but you have to admit that’s at least the ideal, right? Well, the ultimate goal of every DIET is, of course, to lose weight! And some of them do that better than others — but they all do it by producing the same result: the all-important CALORIE DEFICIT!

calories points

As another blogger I admire, Jay at aworkoutroutine, points out, the best diet is the one that achieves that:

Whatever diet plan best suits your personal goals, needs and preferences and is therefore going to allow you to put the required fundamental principles of weight loss into action in the most Preferable, Enjoyable, Convenient and Sustainable (PECS!) way possible… THAT is the diet that’s best for you.

And that ties in with my personal opinion about “which is the best religion?”

brockman true faith.jpg

OPINION ALERT: The best religion is the one that makes you less likely to deliberately run over someone on your way to/from work — and the best diet is the one that results in a calorie deficit!!

Yes! It took a while but we finally got there!

what year fox.jpg

So there you go, your deep, heavy theological and dieting wisdom for the day! And yeah, I know this was a super-long post, but then again, I’m super-late posting it, so deal with it! See you next week!

happy wednesday.jpg

Memento mori, so pass the Doritos!

office space memento

First of all, excuse me if this post makes it sound like I’m depressed or something. Far from it – I’m actually enjoying our beautiful, mild fall weather here in sunny Southern California!

happy fall so cal.jpg

But every once in a while, I do wax philosophic! And during the last couple of weeks, Mr. 50by60 and I have attended not one, but TWO, funerals, for a couple of wonderful people from our church. And whenever I have to go to a funeral, it kinda makes me ponder this whole “diet” thing (for a while, anyway!).

die diet.jpg

I mean, why exactly am I trying to lose all this weight for, again? I mean, yeah, to be able to do more outdoorsy stuff, because I like doing outdoorsy stuff (except when it’s too hot, or too cold, or too wet, or too dry). And yeah, to be healthier so I can live longer (because all those Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime shows ain’t gonna binge-watch themselves!).

pope forgive binge.jpg

But am I doing it because I really want to do it? Or because I think I should do it? Man, that’s a tough one! I mean, it ultimately speaks to the reality of our mortality here on Planet Earth, right? We all have a limited amount of time here on the Biosphere, so how do we want to use that time?

productive use of time

Back in the olden days, the Latin-rite Catholics had a saying: “Memento Mori.” Loosely translated, it means, “Remember, you’re gonna die!” Whatever you might think about the Catholic Church these days (and believe me, I get it!), it was actually a good reminder: get your priorities in order. Figure out what’s really important, in the light of, well, eternity!

eternity long nun.jpg

So I guess all this is my long-winded way of revealing that, YES I had a bit of a gain this past week:

little kicks

and YES, I still want to lose a bit more weight, because I want to stick around for quite a while!

chocolates life

But NO, I’m not letting it worry me! Life is short no matter what you do, and YES, it’s important to stay as healthy as you can, as long as you can, but sooner or later … sooner or later, Jake, we all go to Chinatown. (Or, in my case, Yogurtland!)


(Well, that was nicely morbid, huh? Don’t worry, next week’s post should be a bit more upbeat AND I’ll reveal all the fun facts about the newest member of our household, Pumpkin!)

cat terms.jpg


Hikin’ up ol’ Treadmill Hill!

Well, good morning, nieces and nephews out in Internetland! Yup, Aunt 50by60’s back with another snooze-inducing weigh-in!

al gore

As you can see, things haven’t changed around here too much in the last few [checks calendar] months, weight-wise anyway. But take heart! Thanks to the inspiration of a dedicated Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker named Jeff, who Aunt 50by60 encountered near the metropolis of Acton, California last week, she’s decided to take a proactive step towards making these weigh-ins a little more exciting.

get on1

Yes sir!! Anyway, that’s right — I’VE JOINED YET ANOTHER GYM!


Oh, OK, I know it’s not THAT exciting! But as long-time readers of this blog know all too well, I’ve been a member of the venerable 24 Hour Fitness of Simi Valley for years and years, mainly because of The Pool.


Last year I temporarily added the lovely, but alas, too distant Anytime Fitness to my workout regimen.


And it helped for a while, but as usual with ANY gym, I got bored and started making excuses to just, you know, WALK, like OUTSIDE, man!

walking treadmill

Which is great! Except what with rainy days, super-hot days, climate change, uh…meteors, and all that, outdoors isn’t always the best place for delicate, sensitive flowers like moi to hang out!

grumpy cat

Plus another added factor is that, in case you haven’t noticed, gas prices have been climbing just a tad lately.

gas prices california

So I’ve got (yet another) an incentive not to drive long distances just to use a gym. Which is why, after decades of living within, literally, two BLOCKS from a perfectly serviceable YMCA, I’ve decided to actually join it!


I’ve hesitated in the past because the membership seems a bit pricey compared to the other gyms. However, when I added in the steadily rising price of gas and time required to get to The Other Gym(s), it wasn’t that bad by comparison. Plus, I have to admit I was impressed when I actually went inside and found that, unlike my beloved 24 Hour Fitness, this particular Y has treadmills that actually seem to have been manufactured in THIS century!

retro treadmill

Plus they have lots of classes during the daytime which seem to be aimed primarily at doddering old fogeys (“Shoelace Tying 101,” “Stretch To Reach The Remote,” etc.) so I should fit right in!

drunk old lady

I’ve already done one workout there on the treadmill where, inspired by Jeff and all the intrepid PCT/Appalachian Trail hikers, I turned the incline up to an awe-inspiring, never-before-achieved (by me anyway) height of (ready?) 2.5!!! Wowsers!


So things are looking up! And hopefully next week, things like my weight will be looking DOWN! If that makes any sense at all, which it rarely does, but come on … what did you expect from a blog written by someone who flunked Logic 101 in college?

spock logical fabulous.jpg

That’s all you get this week, folks! See you next week, when we’ll find out if my trip up Treadmill Hill had any real-world impact!

trump see you next week maybe



Eau deer … another gain!

Yeah, the weight’s not really looking too good this week:

oh poo

Drat! Well, to be honest, I haven’t really been following through on the advice I keep giving all of YOU nice folks! In fact, I’ve been doing the opposite – NOT counting my calories, NOT exercising as much as I need to, etc. I mean, I still think all of that is great advice — y’know, if I actually did it!

trump do as i say.jpg

Yeah, well, that’s easy for you to say, Mr. President! (Also, not to get political or anything, but stay off the phone, for a while, Donald, it just gets you in hot water!)

hot water.jpg

Anyway, now that summer’s finally over, and the weather gurus PROMISE that cooler weather is on the way, maybe I will actually do what I’m always telling other people to do: take more walks!


Yeah! And walking did me a lot of good last winter. I enjoyed the physical part, as well as the mental and emotional “high” of being out in beautiful Mother Nature, as opposed to the gym.

walking treadmill

So bear with me! Your intrepid weight loss blogger is down*, but NOT out, yet! I’m still going to go out there and enjoy life — and now that the weather’s cooler, maybe stay away from Yogurtland!


So till next week, remember — do as I say, not as I do!

try not yoda

(Or whatever!!)

(*OK, technically I’m “up,” but you know what I mean!)


True Confessions of a Weight Loss Blogger!

true conf 1

Yikes! Sorry to be late checking in! I was on vacation last week in beautiful, sunny Arizona (because of course, where else would anyone go for vacation in early September?) and what with visiting all the relatives and noshing on the fabulous La Quinta continental breakfast every morning…


I just never got around to blogging! So here ya go, after two weeks, my weight is:

dr who woohoo.jpg

Which looks good, right? I mean, it’s actually LESS than when I left on vacation, right? Welllll … I have to confess there’s another reason I didn’t blog my weight last week.

i confess bad

The truth is … my weight was over 190 pounds!!


Yeah, it’s true. It was actually (sigh) 190.8! And it’s the first time it’s gone over 190 in a long, long time. And to be honest … I was kinda embarrassed about it. I mean, after all, I’m a rich, successful, marginally competent weight loss blogger!

better than that.jpg

I know, I know! So I should have just posted it and let the chips fall where they may. (Mmm … chips … )


So anyway, yeah, what with the train trip in August and the Arizona road trip last week, I kinda let my diet train get derailed.

fell off diet wagon.jpg

But I’m back on track now! I’ve been counting my calories (sort of) and exercising a lot (sort of) and I fully expect that NEXT week, I will have lost at LEAST one full pound (sort of)! And if I don’t, I PROMISE I’ll blog about it anyway, because misery loves company, right? I mean, not that I want you to be miserable, but hey, I’m sure as one of my many loyal readers, you’ll jump right off that cliff with me. Right? (ahem) I said, right?


Well, um, that’s encouraging, I guess! Anyway, like I said, I’ll be back next week with another weigh-in, and NO excuses!

not threat promise.jpg

See ya next Wednesday!