Friday Five: Things you (normally) don’t see from the treadmill!

Happy Friday, everyone, and of course:

betty white

During the past week, we’ve had quite the little deluge here in normally sunny Southern California, so I’ve been forced to ditch the outdoors and spend some quality time in my least unfavorite gym, Anytime Fitness in Chatsworth.

As gyms go, it’s one of the best, but weather permitting, I’d really rather be walking (or running! yes, I’m running now, believe it or not!) OUTDOORS!

Because you know, there are things you see outside that you just don’t usually see from your gym treadmill. For example:

  1. These horses, saying “Howdy!” along a bike path in Chatsworth.
    friday five 1 horses
  2. These bees, living in a manhole alongside a Chatsworth sidewalk.
    friday five 3 bees in a manhole
  3. The wash next to this bike path, sunny one day…
    friday five 2 brown wash sunny
  4. and getting ready to flood the next.
    friday five brown wash rainy
  5. And finally, these papier mache dolls, just hanging out on a street corner in Reseda, which are not AT ALL creepy and will NOT appear in your dreams tonight.
    friday five weird dolls (2)

Of course, it’s entirely possible you might have seen similar strange and interesting things from your treadmill. If you have, let me know and I’ll post your story/photo next week!

retro treadmill
From “Whole Lotta Shakin: The Weird History of Gym Equipment”

Meanwhile, have a wonderful (and hopefully OUTDOORS!) weekend! See you Monday for the weigh-in! (and sweet dreams! heh heh heh…)

Monday Weigh-In: Finally, Fall!

And the first thing that’s falling is — my weight! Let’s start with that, shall we? ‘Cause I’m pretty happy about it! Remember last week when I was up to 186.2, post-potluck? Well, feast your orbs on THIS!


Yes, the weight is falling — and that’s appropriate, ’cause it’s finally FALL, y’all!


OK, yeah, I know, Fall actually started a couple of weeks ago (September 22, to be exact), but out here in sunny Southern Cal, the temps were still climbing up into the 90s (even close to 100) for several days after September 22, 2018.

fall cat.jpg

So it didn’t really feel “fall-like” (or “autumnal” for those of you still trying to expand your vocabulary — never too late to fulfill those New Year’s resolutions!) if you know what I mean — till this morning, when the thermometer finally broke the 60-degrees barrier.


Yes, it’s a chilly 57° Fahrenheit out here in the Valley, and while those of you in West Yellowstone, Montana (current temp: 28° F) and the Vostok Station in Antarctica (current temp: -62° F) may sneer at the idea that 57° F is in any way “cold,” it’s definitely coldER than we’ve been used to for quite a while!

cold 2.jpg

And as I always say (well, as I always say NOW, because I’ve started exercising!), cold weather is great walking (and biking) weather! So no matter how cold it is where you are — even if it’s colder than 57° F, which is hard to imagine …


… why not go outside today and walk, run, bike or just generally move around a bit? You’ll warm up in no time!


And oh yeah, a belated happy Fall, y’all! Get ready for the deluge!


Quick update, with exciting stats!

Hey everyone – hope you’re having an exciting Eclipse Day!

We didn’t get a whole lot of drama out here in Southern California. Yeah, the light seemed to dim a bit, but um, it’s cloudy, so that might’ve had something to do with it.

Anyway, first bit of exciting new: I’m in the ’30s!!

The 230s, that is. Yes, my OFFICIAL weight as of this morning is (drum roll please):



Yes!! That means I’m OUT of the ’40s, for the first time in, oh, lessee, at least three years! Something to celebrate, I think!

And I did celebrate, by doing my very very first EVER “Couch to 5K” workout.

couch to 5k

Yes, that’s right – I actually RAN a little bit! Week 1, Day 1, is basically mostly walking but with 1-minute running intervals – 8, to be exactly – and I managed to lurch through every dagnab one of ’em!

Yippity skippity – I’m a runner, folks!


OK, to bring things down to earth, slightly, I decided to buy some new running shoes. So naturally, being in the San Fernando Valley, I went to the most popular running shoe store, Fleet Feet in Encino. I’d actually gone there several years ago to buy some running shoes, and they lasted quite a while, so hey, why not, right?

And it was … okay. I mean, the nice saleslady who waited on me foot and foot (get it?) bore an uncanny resemblance to Olympia Dukakis. She SAID her name was Bobbie, but who knows? I haven’t seen Olympia for a while, have you?


Anyway, Bobbie was very nice, and fitted me with a pair of snazzy-looking Brooks GTS 17 or something like that, which is OK because the last pair of shoes I bought at Fleet Feet lo those many years ago were Brooks Addiction Walkers, and they lasted quite a while.

brooks addiction

So I have high hopes for these, although they cautioned me the 30-day guarantee doesn’t apply if I get them dirty. So it’s back to the treadmill for me, I guess!

I’ve actually been doing my walking and other workouts in plain ol’ minimalist Merrell Mary Janes, and I love ’em.


But after today’s walk, I decided I might need a bit more support if I’m gonna be pounding the pavement.

Now – if can just avoid buying anything ELSE for a few days, I should be doing well! That’s the trouble with taking up a new hobby – ANY new hobby: it’s so tempting to buy a whole bunch of stuff to go with it – especially shoes! (Too bad they don’t make special shoes for knitting, but I’m sure they’re working on it!)

running gear

Next time: how my shoes (and my feet, and my psyche) are holding up!