Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!

Good morning, and happy Tuesday, everyone! First of all, I wanted to express my sympathies to all the victims of gun violence over the past few days. It's heart-wrenching and happens all too often. Let's see if we can do anything useful about it *this* time, ok? Anyway, my weight remains steady: 186.0 in spite … Continue reading Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!

Procrastination never works, amiright?

Hi everyone! Mr. 50by60 and I had a nice weekend, participating in a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Anaheim, California. And of course, when church-y people celebrate anything, there's inevitably FOOD involved. So, I held off an extra day for the weigh-in because I thought that would give my … Continue reading Procrastination never works, amiright?

Holy Week Without A Weigh-In, Batman!!

Good morning, everyone! Although technically, it's "good evening," since I'm actually writing this on Sunday evening, and just *scheduling* it for tomorrow morning. So whenever I say "today," I mean "Monday," which is really "tomorrow" for me "today." So good morning (evening)! Anyway, just wanted to let you know there's no weigh-in today tomorrow! Monday! … Continue reading Holy Week Without A Weigh-In, Batman!!

Clean Monday: Last Weigh-In Before Pascha!

Good morning, everyone! A happy and blessed "Clean Monday" to my Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic (aka "Orthodox Lite") friends out there! And rather than repeat myself ad nauseum, I'll just refer you to LAST year's Clean Monday blog post and let you go on about your day. Meanwhile, without further adieux, here's … Continue reading Clean Monday: Last Weigh-In Before Pascha!

Post-Road Trip, Pre-Lent Weigh-In

Good morning, everyone! Yes, that's right -- as I've occasionally mentioned in this blog before, I'm an Eastern Catholic (Byzantine, Ruthenian, Greek Catholic, or whatever). We're simple folk with different ways, but we're cool. Anyway, the main thing to know about us as it relates to this blog is that even though we're Catholic, we … Continue reading Post-Road Trip, Pre-Lent Weigh-In