Oh heck, okay, I’ll write a blog post then!

Yeah, sorry, I keep intending to write another post, said intention having been “at least once a week,” but looks like the last one was [squints] January 24, and here it is February [squints again; man, I really need new glasses] 21st!

Part of the problem is I really don’t have anything interesting or exciting or noteworthy to report. I mean, when I started this, it was all about weight loss (losing 50 pounds by my 60th birthday), but now, here I am looking towards birthday #65 later this year and that seems a little outdated!

Then last year, it became about recovering from my cancer surgery, which is all well and good. But what’s my goal now?

Well, till a few days ago it was dodging the evil squirrel who was aggressively chasing people around at my new church. At one point the little bugger even got me trapped in the ladies room, till I fought him off with a plastic trash can (sorry, maintenance workers, that why it’s cracked now!) But by the time I got around to writing this, he’d already been humanely trapped and removed, so till he finds his way, Lassie style, back home, that goal is gone too.

So I’m kinda at a blogging standstill right now! Howsomever, it *is* the beginning of Lent (yesterday for the Easterners, tomorrow for us Westerners!), and for the first time in years, I’ll be gettin’ the ol’ ashes-to-the-forehead!

So I guess I could maybe write about some Lent/Easter/religulous stuff, huh? Like, the difference between doing the Catholic (East vs West) and the semi-Protestant (Episcopalians vs Presbylutherans)?

Well, I dunno! And I realize this ain’t much of a post. But hey, it’s what you’re getting!

And I PROMISE to do at least ONE more blog post before Holy Week, all right? Maybe two! Maybe more! But for now, I’m out the door!

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