Friday is for cleanup!

Hey, everyone! Didja miss me yesterday? Well, I didn’t miss you!

Okay, okay, I don’t mean you *personally,* just blogging in general! I know I got you all used to Thursday being the “new” blogging day, and now here I am on Friday??

And now you’ve got that song stuck in your head. Sorry! But yesterday I decided to go out for an enjoyable walk in Mother Nature (well, a fairly tame version of Mother Nature, a local park) and since the temps were climbing rapidly, I figured I’d better do it in the morning. And of course, by the time I got done, I was too exhilarated, what with all the endorphins, etc. to do anything as mundane as blogging.

So here I am today, Friday, dealing with the aftermath of Thursday, namely doing laundry and avoiding mopping the kitchen floor, which desperately needs it and so, naturally, I hate doing it and keep hoping the Kitchen Floor Mopping Fairies will show up and take care of it for me.

And hey, I vacuumed the carpets yesterday too, that’s gotta count for *something*, right? I know it’s probably unsanitary, but you know what? No one ever eats off my floors, except the cats, raccoons, and occasional possum, and they never complain, so maybe it’s not that big a deal, right?

Anyway, I’m doing laundry, and oh, yeah, later this afternoon I have a consultation with yet ANOTHER gastroenterologist about my ever-longer-and-longer-delayed colonoscopy! This time it’s with a female doctor, so hopefully she won’t be quite as bad as Dr. Fatphobic from earlier this year.

And, y’know, colonoscopy, clean-up — it all fits, right?

Well, sorry for that mental image, but what the hey!! As Rebecca Black said up top there, it’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Fridayyyy, so go ahead and get ready for the weekend, weekend, and I’ll see you next week, week!

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