Today’s forecast: brain fog in the morning, clearing by noon!

Hey, everyone! Well, here we are in beautiful, sunny Southern California, on a crisp autumn day in October, and what do you think I see from my window?

That’s right– it’s so dull, grey, and gloomy outside I can’t even find an appropriate meme to express my feelings! (hee hee!) Anyway, this blog post won’t be too long as can’t really think of anything to say which would be useful to society or beneficial to (hu)mankind in any way.

Also, why is that darn bird chirping so loud outside my window? (grumble grumble) Sigh — I know! I’m just a little (internally) foggy myself this morning, and taking it out on that poor — what IS that, a mockingbird? Hey, didn’t the Munsters live on Mockingbird Lane?

Okay, I know the problem! A few hot cups of cofveve and a meandering drive in L.A. traffic (the best traffic in the world, I assure you!) and I should be juuuussssttt fine!

Anyway, that’s the blog post for this morning. If you think it should be longer, well, why don’t YOU write a blog post then? Huh? So there!

Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean this post to be so snarky, not to mention disjointed! Just the usual pre-coffee crabbiness and brain fog. I’ll be fine once the kettle’s come to a boil! Hmm, maybe I should have a nice cuppa tea instead, eh wot? (Oh, great, now apparently I’m British this morning too!)

Well, whatever!! I just need some caffeine in my system, dagnabbit! See ya next week, hopefully a bit perkier!

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