Told ya!

Hey, everyone! As I mentioned last week, I didn’t do a Wednesday blog post this week, for the first time in, oh, however long it’s been since I’ve been doing this verkakte blog!

I almost didn’t do a Thursday post either, since I just got home from a long drive to a doctor who, TBH, I find mildly annoying. He always makes weird comments about his (female!) patients’ looks, as well as his office staff, but it’s hard to be too offended since, as I’ve mentioned before, he’s basically the late Tim Conway’s Little Old Man character.

I also tend to take his advice with a grain of salt. Like today, when I mentioned I’d been doing some trail running (yay for me, by the way, right?), he immediately responded with, “Oh, you shouldn’t do that! You should just walk, don’t run!” I asked why, thinking maybe I had some undiscovered heart murmur or something, but no, he just told me a story about some friend of his who’d been running in the street and got hit by a car, so obviously running is super dangerous!

Now, if I were the snarky sort (me? perish the thought!) I could have responded that I knew someone who’d been rolling across the street in a wheelchair and got hit by a car, so obviously wheelchairs are super dangerous, but I didn’t. I just did what I suspect most of his (female!) patients and office staff do: smiled, nodded, agreed to be careful, and went on my merry way, determined to do whatever the h-e-double-toothpicks I feel like doing, so there!

Let’s face it, life itself is dangerous. You could be walking along, minding your own business, and get hit on the head with something completely unexpected!

Also, Putin might decide to take us all out with him, in honor of his birthday, or maybe Christmas.

You just never know, right? So my very non-doctory, non-medically advice is, do whatever the heckfire you want to do and just enjoy every day while you’ve got it!

Including this day! Thanks for reading this, on a Thursday, no less! See ya sometime next week — maybe Thursday, maybe Tuesday, maybe even — dare I suggest it? — Wednesday!

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