Major announcement, kinda sorta!

Well, hey everyone! Good morning, and happy Wednesday!

It’s been another week of alternately loathing and trying to ignore the new neighbors, who are busily destroying every vestige of anything even remotely resembling “vegetation” that might get in the way of their planned McMansion, including not one, not two, but three beautiful cypress trees which had provided beauty, shade, and homes for raccoons, squirrels, and birds for at least 60 years.

They’re gone now, so we’ll just have to soldier on. Meanwhile, as for the major announcement, it’s not really THAT big a deal,

but Wednesdays are actually becoming a semi-busy day for me– in good ways! First, my new church has a nice, quiet Mass on Wednesday mornings, followed by a leisurely breakfast.

Then I run various errands and/or come back home to work for a couple of hours, then it’s back over to church to help out in the office, answering phones and whatnot.

I mean, it’s not THAT busy, but it’s kinda pushed me towards wondering if the weekly blog post HAS to be on Wednesdays. And just as I had a revelation a few months ago that there was no such thing as the “one true church,” and gave myself permission to go to a church that actually reflects my personal values a bit better,

I’ve decided to give myself permission to experiment with blogging on a different day. It’ll probably be Tuesday, although Thursday’s also a possibility.

I mean, I could do more than one post a week, I guess. That’s how we did it in the olden days of blogging, back when the Hamsterdance was a big deal.

And I know some really dedicated bloggers who still do. But let’s face it, gang, I am NOT all that dedicated!

And since the primary purpose of the blog has changed so much over the past couple of years, I may even consider, at some point, in the not-too-distant future,

bidding it a fond farewell and starting a new one. But that’s far, far down the road and nothing to fret about right now!

Meantime, enjoy this final Wednesday post, unless I forget next week that I wrote this, and wind up right back here on Wednesday, which is a distinct possibility!

But either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday — one day or another — one way or another — I’ll see ya next week!

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