Good news and good day!

Hey everyone! Well, right after I posted last week about Mr. 50by60 testing positive, guess what happened to yours truly?

Yup, we both had it! So we both had to stay home, avoiding human contact, including each other, as much as is possible in a house with one bathroom (although we DO have a back yard … hmm … TMI?).

However, the good news is that as of yesterday morning, both of us are in negative territory at lst!

So lucky, lucky Mr. 50by60 got to go back to work yesterday,

and lucky lucky me gets to go back to the gym today!

I’m sure you can understand just how eager I am to do that! Just kidding — actually I AM kinda eager to do that! I hadn’t realized how much I’d gotten to enjoy my every other day workout, and somehow trying to do it at home just wasn’t cutting it for me. Something about being in that cavernous space full of other athletes makes me want to at least do 30 minutes of *something*!

So iff’n y’all don’t mind, I’m’a keep this short so I can get goin’! See ya next week!

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