The Best-Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Moi!

Uh, yeah, about that vakay I was planning to take this week …

Poor Mr. 50by60 came home from work Friday with an uncomfortable feeling, which got worse over the next day — fever, cough, the works. And yours truly was ALL SET for that road trip to Phoenix, with the rental car that (theoretically!) was supposed to have SiriusXM in it, although that kept getting screwed up, which strikes me now as maybe an omen.

Alas, Mr. 50by60’s home COVID test came back a whopping positive, so he’s been doing his best to isolate all weekend.

And after a debate with myself (“Stay home! Your hubby needs you! Plus you’ve been exposed!” vs. “If you get out NOW, and you get it, you can hang out in that luxury hotel for a week!”), I decided to do the right thing, and cancelled all my reservations.

And I think it was for the best, since as soon as I told my parents, they were adamant that I NOT show up on their doorstep with the ‘Rona, and can’t say as I blame them! But I did feel bad about not being able to deliver a belated birthday present to my kid sister in person. She seems to be okay with the Amazon gift card I sent her instead, but y’know, it’s just not the same! So let me use the awesome power bestowed upon me by the Media to say, Happy Birthday, Becky!

As for the ‘Rona, so far I don’t have any symptoms. Welllll … I did wake up with a sore throat this morning, but I think that might be because, following advice from the CDC, Mr. 50by60 has cranked open 99.9% of the windows in the house, so as to bask in that “outside ventilation.”

And high winds always trigger my sinuses, so it’s entirely possible that was what it was. I’ll be testing myself tomorrow, and the next tomorrow, and the next, etc. etc. ad infinitum (as will Mr. 50), till we both get that magical negative!

Meanwhile, since this is the last week “30 Rock” will be available on any streaming service except Peacock, which I REFUSE to pay for (yet!), I’m making the best of things and binging the TGS gang on all my various devices, with the goal of getting to the finale before midnight, July 31st!

Not quite as challenging a goal as driving to Phoenix and back, but I’ll take it! Meanwhile, we’re both doing okay — not great, but okay — and since I’m the eternal optimist, I have every hope that next week I’ll have much more cheerful news!

Oh, as for the Weight Watchers thing, I’m still more or less sticking to it, although I’ll probably have to dust off my Instacart password (haven’t used it since 2020!!) and order some more “zero points” produce tomorrow. Unless someone wants to drop off a few bags of Sugar Snap Peas at my doorstep, hint hint! Anyone?

All right, all right, Instacart it is! I’ll be a good girl and avoid human contact for as long as I have to! (And honestly, I’m actually pretty impressed that we managed to go two years into the pandemic without either one of us getting it, so there’s that.)

So there ya go, Vakay Interrupted, but we’re just gonna suck it up, buttercup, and make the best of our enforced isolation!

Let me know how YOU’RE doing, and I’ll see ya next week!

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