Colonoscopy time again! (plus an honest review of Crunch Fitness Simi Valley)

Hey, everyone! Well, as long-time readers may recall, last fall (hey, that rhymes!) I was supposed to get the always dreaded colonoscopy.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances (the cancer diagnosis), it had to be postponed. Butt* now that everything’s hunky-dory up top, it’s time to race to the bottom! (*heh heh)

However once again, due to a COVID diagnosis amongst the office staff, today’s appointment will be a video chat, so I’m just hoping he won’t ask me to aim the camera anywhere untoward.

While I’m waiting to click their link, let me tell you about my visit to Crunch Fitness Simi Valley last week. Bottom line: it’s a great gym– if you’re someone who doesn’t NEED a gym!

I mean, it’s got a fantastic pool, and that was *almost* enough to convince me to join. I do love me a good pool! However, here’s the down side: it’s a two-story building, with no elevators. The guy at the front desk told me it had something to do with it being built in the ’90s, before elevators were required by law (or invented, maybe? he didn’t specify 1990s vs 1890s, although I think they were around in the 1890s, at least).

So anyway, guess which part of their gym they decided to put on the second floor, accessible ONLY by two flights of stairs?

(Thanks, Michelle Carter!)

That’s right — the weight machines and free weights! And of course, I did make a little joke as I was huffing and puffing my way up, to the effect that this could be my cardio, ha ha. But I was thinking, what if I were really disabled (and not just fat)? What if I were in a wheelchair or had to use a cane or crutches? Aw, what am I saying? People in wheelchairs don’t lift weights, right?

(Backslash sarcasm there, folks!) Still, that pool was pretty sweet. I marveled at how big it was, as well as how few people were using it, on a morning when temps were already over 90.

I found out why when I got ready to leave and Front Desk Guy went over the membership options with me. Apparently, using the pool is only for people who pay the Top Tier Membership, and not the basic one-club membership, as I’d assumed.

And being — well, not poor, but not a Trump either (thanks be to God!),

I reluctantly decided to pass. For now. I mean, I suppose I could justify it by saying that I’m paying for a really cheap country club, instead of a really expensive gym. I’ll have to think about it.

Meantime, I gotta go get ready for my video doc appointment!


See ya next week!

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