Don’t worry, blog’s not broken, even though I keep taking breaks!

Yeah, I had to take a break last week, due to a sad situation in the 50by60 family — my younger brother, Michael, passed away from COVID-19. It was unexpected, and I took a trip back home to visit my parents and sister for a few days.

Three Boomer siblings in the ’60s

If you’re so inclined, please consider making a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which I understand was one of Mike’s preferred charities.

Also, please get vaccinated, if you’re able to and haven’t been yet — if not for yourself, for your family and friends who might miss you. Thanks!

And now for something much less exciting — my weight, after two weeks off from dieting, some mourning/stress eating, AND road trip food to boot!


Of course, the fry bread I consumed at the world-famous Indian Village in Cave Creek, AZ probably helped. (Note: if you’re ever constipated, forget the laxatives, just grab or make some fry bread. You’ll be moving the mail in no time!)

Worth it!!

So that’s it, and I’m debating whether to take yet another blogging break, since I have a couple of doctors’ and dentist appointments in the next couple of weeks. However, perhaps I’ll just decide next week.

(And good luck to Mr. Shatner on his upcoming space flight!)

See you next week, or the week after, or at some point in the more or less near future!

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