It’s “House”! (Well, maybe!)

Okay, first things first — I *think* I’ve picked my new binge watch, and (drum roll please), I *think* it’s gonna be this guy:

Yup, it was a toss-up between Gregory House, M.D. and the American version of Betty, la Fea.

However, since Mr. 50by60 and I have been enjoying her newer series, Superstore, together, we’ve decided to watch Ugly Betty together as well, so House will be my own private daytime work-inducing binge watch!

Although I gotta be honest — not sure if I’m gonna stick with House too long. I mean, the guy’s such a pessimist! Maybe I could just rewatch Scrubs instead … oh wait …

Yeah, they’re basically the same guy, right? And at least I haven’t seen all the House episodes 20 gazillion times (not that there’s anything wrong with that, and if you haven’t heard the Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast with Zach Braff & Donald Faison yet, you gotta! you just gotta!).

So wot-the-heck, I’ll give the good Doc a shot! Oh, and guess it’s time for the ol’ weigh-in … sigh …


Yikes, up a full two pounds! Well, the good news is, I’m finally getting some of the medical tests I put off during the pandemic, and the first one is gonna be … well …

Yeah, that should take care of those two pounds toot sweet! But I don’t yet have it scheduled, so till then, I’ll just keep countin’ the ol’ calories, eh? Take care — and see ya next week!

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