Bookworm snacks and Kathy Bates, not necessarily in that order

Hey everyone, welcome back! The weight’s up a schoche:


and even though I’d prefer it was going the other direction, I’m okay with it. But why? Is it possible that the weight loss doesn’t means as much to me anymore? Is it possible that I’m just as happy to maintain as to lose?

I suppose it’s possible. I mean, I do still want to get my weight back down below 200 again, mainly because it was so much easier on my poor, sore knees!

But I’m happy to report that this morning I was able to do half an hour on the stationary bike, and only had one little twinge in the right knee afterwards, so maybe that’ll help. I do like the fact that I have been able to get back in the habit of going to a gym three times a week, and the novelty hasn’t worn off, so it may help with the ol’ weight loss there.

And of course, I’m still doing the weight lifting, too. So I really think the weak link in my weight loss plan is the “calories IN” part. Pretty sure I’m taking in more than I should, and frankly, I blame it on literature!

Yes! There’s just way too many great books being written today! For example, the great Fannie Flagg has a fantastic new book out, “The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop,” a sequel to the equally wonderful “Fried Green Tomatoes”!

(The excellent Kathy Bates in the equally excellent movie based on the totally excellent Fannie Flagg novel!!)

And as my fellow bookworms will attest, it’s simply not possible to sit with a book (either on paper or Kindle) for prolonged periods of time without a big bowl of SOME form of easily accessible snack handy!

(Hey, it’s Kathy Bates again! Guess we’ve got our Celebrity Theme for today!)

So maybe I need to do a little research and find some slightly less calorific snacks than the ones I’ve been scarfing down while absorbed in my classic literature! Oh, and another totally excellent literary rabbit hole I went down recently was re-reading every single “Ramona Quimby” book after the death of children’s author Beverly Cleary at age 104 (too soon!!).

(And Ramona was hilarious, but as an older sister myself, my sympathies were always with poor Beezus!)

So you can see why I need continuous sustenance! But that doesn’t mean I can’t channel some of Ramona’s inventiveness and determination, not to mention spunk!

(May as well just lean into it at this point!)

So how about you? Do you have a habit that makes you eat more than you should? How do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading — see you next week!

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