Happy Whatever! See ya in 2 weeks!

Good morning, everyone! Given that my readers include wonderful people from all major, minor, or no religions, let me be the first to wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter, Passover, Ostara, Ramadan, Rama Navami, and/or Spring Break 2021!

Being somewhat of the Xtian persuasion myself, aka Byzantine Catholic,

I’ll most likely be checking my always-hiding-just-below-the-surface doubts at the door (as I do pretty much every year!) and joining Mr. 50by60 in a rousing chorus of “Praise the Lord and Pass the Pirogues!” this coming Saturday evening, in Tone 8, of course! And of course, I’ll be paying close attention to the annual chanting of the 150* Gospels on Good, Great, and Holy Friday!

*Ha ha — just kidding! It’s only 12 Gospel readings, and they fly by just like that, trust me! Anyway, enough making fun of my own religious traditions — let’s get to the Weekly Weigh-In, shall we?


Well, not much of a change, but at least it’s heading in the right direction. Plus I downloaded this app called “Aaptiv” yesterday that’s got all sorts of audio-only workouts on it, which suits me fine as I really can’t deal with seeing too much Spandex while I’m working out. I really prefer comfort over style, anyway!

So anyway, what this long-winded, probably mildly offensive post is all meant to say is, I’m taking next week off! Mainly ’cause after all those kielbasas and pirogues and eggs and chocolate and —

— I’ll almost certainly have a gain again (hee hee, “a gain again” — see what I did there? Wordplay!) so to forestall the potential of post-gorge misery,

— I’m just gonna take next week off completely, and give myself that extra week to come back down to normal! So from now till (let’s see) —

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2021, fare thee well, and enjoy whatever you’re planning to enjoy!!

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