Hikin’ up ol’ Treadmill Hill!

Well, good morning, nieces and nephews out in Internetland! Yup, Aunt 50by60’s back with another snooze-inducing weigh-in!

al gore

As you can see, things haven’t changed around here too much in the last few [checks calendar] months, weight-wise anyway. But take heart! Thanks to the inspiration of a dedicated Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker named Jeff, who Aunt 50by60 encountered near the metropolis of Acton, California last week, she’s decided to take a proactive step towards making these weigh-ins a little more exciting.

get on1

Yes sir!! Anyway, that’s right — I’VE JOINED YET ANOTHER GYM!


Oh, OK, I know it’s not THAT exciting! But as long-time readers of this blog know all too well, I’ve been a member of the venerable 24 Hour Fitness of Simi Valley for years and years, mainly because of The Pool.


Last year I temporarily added the lovely, but alas, too distant Anytime Fitness to my workout regimen.


And it helped for a while, but as usual with ANY gym, I got bored and started making excuses to just, you know, WALK, like OUTSIDE, man!

walking treadmill

Which is great! Except what with rainy days, super-hot days, climate change, uh…meteors, and all that, outdoors isn’t always the best place for delicate, sensitive flowers like moi to hang out!

grumpy cat

Plus another added factor is that, in case you haven’t noticed, gas prices have been climbing just a tad lately.

gas prices california

So I’ve got (yet another) an incentive not to drive long distances just to use a gym. Which is why, after decades of living within, literally, two BLOCKS from a perfectly serviceable YMCA, I’ve decided to actually join it!


I’ve hesitated in the past because the membership seems a bit pricey compared to the other gyms. However, when I added in the steadily rising price of gas and time required to get to The Other Gym(s), it wasn’t that bad by comparison. Plus, I have to admit I was impressed when I actually went inside and found that, unlike my beloved 24 Hour Fitness, this particular Y has treadmills that actually seem to have been manufactured in THIS century!

retro treadmill

Plus they have lots of classes during the daytime which seem to be aimed primarily at doddering old fogeys (“Shoelace Tying 101,” “Stretch To Reach The Remote,” etc.) so I should fit right in!

drunk old lady

I’ve already done one workout there on the treadmill where, inspired by Jeff and all the intrepid PCT/Appalachian Trail hikers, I turned the incline up to an awe-inspiring, never-before-achieved (by me anyway) height of (ready?) 2.5!!! Wowsers!


So things are looking up! And hopefully next week, things like my weight will be looking DOWN! If that makes any sense at all, which it rarely does, but come on … what did you expect from a blog written by someone who flunked Logic 101 in college?

spock logical fabulous.jpg

That’s all you get this week, folks! See you next week, when we’ll find out if my trip up Treadmill Hill had any real-world impact!

trump see you next week maybe



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