Just hangin’ out in the ’80s for a while, I guess…

OK, so last week, my weight was 184.4 — and what is it today, I wonder? Let’s find out!

obama kick.jpg

Hmm, doin’ a lot of those little kicks lately … you’d think that would burn way more calories, huh? Oh well, I’m not too worried. Some of you loyal readers may remember I had to hang out in the ’90s for a lot longer than I wanted to.


But eventually, I cracked the ’90s/’80s barrier, and eventually I’ll make it to the ’70s as well!


It’s just a question of patience (although, not being a doctor, I don’t have a whole lot!).

jd patience

Still, I think next week’s weight will be lower because I’m expecting a special delivery in tomorrow’s mail of a SECRET WEAPON which I’ll tell you about Friday!

you can get

Meantime, I’m just gonna keep countin’ the calories and doin’ the daily weigh-ins and keep my fingers crossed! Have a great week, everyone!

good day