Whoosh — GOOOAAALLL!!!

Without further ado (or “adieux,” for my French-Canadian and/or spelling-challenged friends), let’s view the majestic wonder of this week’s Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in, shall we?

Take a deep breath … in … out … in … out … one more … in …

get on.jpg

Oh, all right! Ready? Here goes nothin’:

quiz cat

and let’s see … carry the one … hmm … math is yeah.jpg

Oh, all right — YES!! As of today, I have *officially* achieved the goal ensconced in the name of this blog!!

gooaaall cat

Yep, I’ve lost FIFTY FRIGGIN’ POUNDS since I started, way back on my birthday last year — and for those whose motto is “pics or it ain’t so,” okay — here ya go!

Monday .jpg

SO, that was exciting, huh? Finally off Plateau Point and headed down the road towards — what? Well, I’m definitely not stopping! But I might, y’know, have a little somethin’-somethin’ to reward myself, later this week. Maybe …

brent chili

Although given that we’re about to experience a MASSIVE heat wave out here in L.A. this week, a chili cheese dog might not be the best choice for that particular reward! So, maybe …


might be the better choice. I’ll let you know later in the week what I decided on.


Meanwhile, THANKS to everyone who helped me along the way, especially Mr. 50by60, who by the way has ALSO lost a giant chunk of weight, so congrats to him, too!!


See you on Friday, everyone — have a GREAT week!!


4 thoughts on “Whoosh — GOOOAAALLL!!!

    • Thanks, Lorna! And you’re so right — maintenance is the big challenge. I’ll be writing more about that in the future, but just FYI, one of the main reasons I decided on simple calorie-counting for my weight loss method is just how flexible it is. It really is something I think I can live with for the long term! 🙂


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