Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in: Stuffy Nose edition!

Wow — ready for this? It’s a good ‘un!


Lookin’ good there! That’s a pretty solid loss, if I say so myself.

So how’s your Monday going? OK … ok … uh huh … yeah, that’s tough … uh huh … uh …


Sorry, but it’s MY blog, so lemme tell you about MY Monday!

First, I’ve got my semiannual sinus infection/cold/bronchitis/whatever you wanna call it.


Which is a pain (although it does give me that always-to-be-cherished VALID EXCUSE to cancel my dentist appointment today … yay?).


Second, WordPress seems to be acting up, and isn’t letting me preview my page before I publish it. Which means I’m meme-ing in the dark!!! It’s kinda weird.

Third, well, OK, there’s no third. I just like counting things, because math, right?

Anyway, it’s just Monday, right? Hang in there … tomorrow it’ll be all gone!


See ya Friday!


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