Lamest, groggiest “Friday Five” so far!

Boxing yourself into a regular format on your blog (like my “Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-ins” on Monday and “Friday Five” on … you guessed it), can really help you stick to your goal of blogging regularly. It gives you a framework and helps you corral your random thoughts into a targeted post so they make more sense.

So overall, most of the time, a specific, regular format is a good thing. However, there are a few notable exceptions.

Like today, for instance. It’s Friday, so I should be putting together my “Friday Five.” However, it’s also cloudy, gloomy, and a bit chilly. Plus I’m still not completely awake. Plus I just can’t think of anything to hook five connected thoughts together.

I probably could, if I put more thought into it – or if, as I’ve done before and HIGHLY recommend, I’d put together a rough draft yesterday, and just tweaked it a bit this morning. But guess what? I didn’t do that. So now, all I have to offer you is this lame post, full of lamentations and excuses for why I didn’t do what, after all, no one but ME really made any kind of commitment to do.

On the other hand … I DID manage to make this post five paragraphs long! Maybe that counts as a “Friday Five,” hmm? Especially if I embed this fun video to make you, my loyal readers, dance and sing! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

See you Monday, everyone!

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