Milestone Monday at last!!!

Good morning, everyone, and YES!! it’s finally Milestone Monday, that very special weigh-in we’ve all been waiting for! Ready? Ta-da:


whoop di doo

Michael Coughlan Graffiti: Woo Hoo! 2016,

That’s right, at long last I’m BELOW 200 pounds — for the first time in… geez, eight or nine years, I think!

So just to recap, here’s where I stand so far, weight-loss-wise:

  • In September 2017, when I started this blog, I weighed 240.2, so as of today I’ve OFFICIALLY lost 42 pounds (that’s FORTY-TWO, a very significant number!).
  • But it gets even better, ’cause in September 2016, when I decided to start losing and went on the “No S” Diet, I weighed 262.2 pounds. So as of today I’ve lost 64 pounds (SIXTY-FOUR!!)!

So next time some yutz on the Internet tells you “calorie counting doesn’t work,” kindly refer them to this blog — and tell them they ain’t as smart as they thunk!

Andre Chinn, Flickr 2011,



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