Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in: Minor Setback Monday

Well, yesterday morning my daily weigh-in was UNDER 200 pounds, so I was SURE today’s blog post would be titled “Milestone Monday!!!” and I’d thrill my dozens of readers by finally going under the magic two-oh-oh.

Alas, I blush to report, ’tis not to be. Without further adieux, here’s the skinny on the fat:

oh no.jpg

Yeah, it’s a teeny-tiny li’l gain. Oh well, that’s really not anything to ruin a Monday over, right? I mean, what have I been saying all these months? Weigh yourself every day and use the average, as recommended in A Workout Routine, right? I get that, I really do.

However, since I’m committed to putting my actual Monday weight in my blog post, so you get that real-time experience, you’ll just have to be patient and stick with me through all the ups and downs. It can be frustrating.

But I have faith. I know that if I stick with my plan — counting my calories and walking regularly — that number WILL go back down. And eventually, I’ll stop dancing back and forth across the border, and put that “200” squarely in the rear-view mirror!

Hey, I was thinking maybe later in the week, I’d post a couple of photos of how I actually count my calories. Would you be interested in that? Well, tough, I’m gonna do it anyway!

Meanwhile, have a great Monday!

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