Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in: I wanna be the Bob Ross of something!

Well, good morning, everyone. Happy Monday! Let’s get right to the Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in, shall we? Ready? Here we go!

youre my hero.jpg

All right!! I’m pretty happy about that. See, last week I stumbled across this YouTube video by this guy named Steve Gamelin, who’s perfected a method of baking bread called “No-Knead Turbo Bread.”

Now Steve G.’s not the only one who has videos about this concept, but in our nonstop, 24/7, media-saturated world, it’s all about image, amiright? And the thing about Steve G. is, he’s basically the Bob Ross of bread baking!


And as soon as I watched one of Steve G.’s laid-back, super-comfy bread baking videos, my imagination was stimulated: “Hey,  *I* could do that!” So I rushed out to the grocery store, bought a big sack of King Arthur Flour and some yeast, and got to work. And it was FABULOUS! The best loaf of bread I’d baked in … oh, let’s see … at least five years (which was the last time I baked bread, so logically speaking, that works, right?).


Unfortunately, it was so good that I wound up eating the whole thing myself over a couple of days. And frankly, I worried that my weight would go up today. But all’s well that ends well! My weight is down (at least a little), a fresh loaf is in the works, and this time I’ll share it with my husband. (Maybe!)


Just watch your hands – Bread Kitty’s very protective!

That’s it – have a great day, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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