Friday Five: How to Stick To It!

Are you one of those people who made a New Year’s resolution to diet and/or exercise? And are you already having trouble sticking to that resolution? Hey — welcome to the human race! We’re glad to have you around.

And if you haven’t completely given up, here are five ideas to help you stick to that resolution (at least through Valentine’s Day):

  1. Take it slow. It’s tempting to adopt an unrealistic pace (“I’m gonna lose 25 pounds this month or else!”). Your goal should be to build good eating and exercise habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Well, at least till you hit 90. Then you have my permission to sit down.
  2. Weigh yourself every day. I used to weigh myself once a week, and it was really depressing sometimes, because I couldn’t figure out why I suddenly seemed to have gained 5 pounds when I wasn’t doing anything different. Then I read‘s truly genius post, “How Often Should You Weigh Yourself & When Is the Best Time?” He suggests weighing yourself several days in a row and then use your math skilz to figure out the *average* of those weights. I ‘ve found it really does help you keep those wild fluctuations in perspective.
  3. Have a backup plan. I’m doing calorie counting, but every so often, I switch to the “No S Diet” plan (3 meals a day, no snacks, sweets or seconds) if I don’t feel like writing stuff down. As long as I keep each of my meals around 500 calories, I’m golden. What’s nice about that is that it’s compatible with my primary plan. Whatever diet you’re on, find a backup plan that has a similar philosophy and fits well with your primary plan. (It’s probably not a good idea for your backup plan to be Atkins if your primary plan is to be vegan!)
  4. Drink more water. Now, I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you that old urban myth about how everyone should drink eight glasses of water per day. However, I have found it helps to drink a nice big glass of H2O when I’m feeling the urge to, oh, I dunno, scarf down an entire pan of brownies, or eat a whole box of Trader Joe’s Mini “Hold The Cones” or something like that. Not that that would ever happen. But, you know, it’s worth a shot.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up. This is probably the most important one. Because — listen to me carefully now — at some point, you WILL screw this up. You WILL do something you shouldn’t. You WILL go way too many days without exercising. You WILL do whatever you’ve resolved not to do, or you WON’T do what you resolved TO do. You know: “I ate 20 brownies today! That’s it – I failed! Diet’s over!” or “I just couldn’t stand the thought of exercising yesterday. It’s over — I’ll never get into shape!” Hey, hey, hey — calm down! It just means you’re human. And brownies are yummy. And exercise isn’t always fun or easy. But it doesn’t mean you’re done trying. No, it doesn’t! Because tomorrow morning, you’re gonna pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

Remember (at the risk of sounding glurgy), every day is the start of a New Year! (Okay, that was really glurgy, wasn’t it? I hate glurge. Sorry! It’s true, but still … ick, glurge!)


Anyway — have a great weekend! See you Monday!

(unused pingback Word of the Day: Evoke)

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