Friday Five: Just a buncha stuff

  1. I dunno why, but all of a sudden I’ve become allergic to my own self-imposed blog structure. Specifically, the “Friday Five.” I’m having trouble thinking of five things that have some sort of connection, however tenuous, and it’s getting to the point where I’m debating whether to just skip it altogether.
  2. However, as with all potential crimes (real or imaginary), it helps to retrace your steps. Why did I decide to do the “Friday Five” in the first place?
    Well, IIRC, I was inspired by the great Amy Welborn’s “7 Quick Takes” which she’s been doing every Friday for many years.’
  3. “Hmm … okay. So it really is a crime, after all, because plagiarism, mkay?”
  4. But I … er … five, not seven! And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and etcetera, ad infinitum! So not plagiarism! Just, um, inspiration!
  5. So anyway, what to do for next week’s Friday Five? Well, I’ll think of something. It might help if I started writing it sometime before 7:00 AM Friday morning.

And that’s just what I’m gonna do! Welcome to my 2018 New Year’s Resolution, folks! Yes, from now till the end of the year, I solemnly vow to write all (or at least part*) of my “Friday Five” blog posts at least 24 hours before publication! That’s plausible (and also includes one o’ them valuable *loopholes!).


So let’s give it a shot! Meanwhile, looks like that little weight fluctuation is taking care of itself, but I’ll tell you all about that on Monday. Happy weekend, everyone!


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