Weekly Weigh-in: I’m losing – but where is it going?

The good news is, I’ve lost again – this week’s weigh-in is:



Which is great and glorious! I certainly don’t mean to sound churlish. It’s just that I’m a bit puzzled. See, I’m also checking my measurements – waist, hips, etc. – as well as the pounds. And none of those measurements has budged, even a fraction of an inch.

So … where are all those pounds disappearing FROM?

It’s a mystery, that’s for sure. Not as much of a mystery as what happened to Tony Soprano, or what the h-e-double-toothpicks was going on at the end of “Twin Peaks: The Return” (don’t worry, no spoilers!).

sopranos 2

And the funny thing is, even though the measurements haven’t budged, I’ve been able to get back into some of my “skinny clothes” (well, skinni-ER – from a 3X to a 1X in skirt size, for example).

Yet the tape measure shows everything’s the same. Weirdorama, huh?

Oh well, I’m sure they’ll turn up SOMEWHERE. Hopefully not in a landfill in New Jersey, like some of Tony’s “pals.” (Can you tell I’ve been binge-watching “The Sopranos” again?)


Anyway, as long as the numbers on the scale are going down, I’m happy!

So how’s YOUR week been going? What challenges are you facing this week? Let me know in the comments!

sopranos 3

3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in: I’m losing – but where is it going?

    • Who knows? Maybe knowing we’ve lost weight makes us stand up a little straighter and subconsciously “suck it in” a little more, making things fit better. I definitely won’t discount the psychological aspects. Great insight, Penny!

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