Breakfast of Champions

You’re SUPPOSED to have breakfast.

Right? You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” “dieters should NEVER skip breakfast,” etc., etc.

Yeah, we get it. Only what we HEAR, with our “fat ears” (TM Shannon Sorrels) is, “Go to Denny’s and have the Monster Slam! And don’t skimp on the French toast!”

Well, calm down! You’re on a calorie budget, remember? Don’t spend it all on breakfast, or you’ll be in Oliver Twist mode by suppertime!

Plus, come on – not everyone is a morning person, and not every stomach can deal with a whole bunch of food comin’ at it, first thing in the morning.

It’s OK to just have a teeny tiny breakfast! Really, it is! (pat pat, console console) Just have a little somethin’ somethin’ before you head out the door, and have a nice big lunch later on.

My husband can’t deal with anything more than a glass of water and a Trader Joe’s Organic Pop Tarts (200 calories), and that works for him.

Me, I like a little more bang for my caloric buck, so here’s my breakfast this morning:

Coffe with one tablespoon of whipping cream & artificial sweetener (50 calories)

String cheese (70 calories)

Mini box of raisins (45 calories)

Yoplait Light Blueberry (90 calories)

… for a grand total of 255 calories. Not as much as that Grand Artery Slam I used to have on a regular basis, but enough to get my tummy and my brain woken up and alert, so I can face the day ahead.

And since our kitty apparently had a little “accident” on our freshly washed sheets during the night – I’m gonna need all the alertness I can muster!

(p.s. unused pingback of the day: Anticipate)

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