How about Monday?

I’ve been thinking about which day of the week to do my “official” weigh-in, for purposes of this blog.

In the past, when I was attending Weight Watchers meetings (yeah, I did that too!), it was Saturday morning. I liked that, because then I basically had a whole weekend to pig out before starting fresh Monday morning.

Now, though, I’m tending to pig out a lot less, but when I do, it’s usually Sunday. Can’t resist those church donuts – mmm …

church donuts 2

Since I began this latest version of “My Weight Loss Journey” (and if I ever say it like that again, please feel free to smack me!), I’ve been weighing myself five days a week – Monday through Friday – then averaging those together to enter on My Fitness Pal.


But now I’m thinking, why not make Monday my official Weigh-in Day? Here’s some more or less good reasons:

1. Since I’m no longer working in a crappy little cubicle, in a crappy little office, doing crappy, depressing work, Mondays are no longer the crappiest day of the week for me. I need something to bring back that crappy “I Hate Mondays!” feeling, so my burgeoning legions of readers will sense that I still understand them, as I rocket off into blog stardom. (less good)

garfield scales

2. Since Sunday tends to be the day I’m most likely to pig out (reminder: church donuts!), Monday is the day my weight is at its highest, so perhaps it’ll give a more accurate picture of my true progress. (slightly more good)

church donuts 1

3. I’m awake anyway, I might as well do something useful. (okay, I’m reaching now)

Hmm. Okay, Monday it is! So here it is, my OFFICIAL weigh-in for the week of August 28, 2017:

237.1 lbs


That’ll be my official STARTING weight, too, so starting NEXT Monday, I’ll start noting how many pounds I’ve lost, as well.

That’s it for today – thanks for reading! Hope your week goes well. Oh, and if YOU have to go to work in a crappy little cubicle, in a crappy little office, doing crappy, depressing work, do yourself a favor: rent “Office Space” IMMEDIATELY, and show your flair!


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